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AsureHard long and thick he promises to give me the orgasm of my life I should’ve known it would come to this spread and slick begging him closer but I never thought myself so luckyCota tells me “I’m his” and promises to save me He puts that hard t.

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Cotas Claim

Cota wants me Cota most famous gladiator to ever step foot in the arena the gorgeous warrior with golden eyes who could have anyone he wants in Rome wants mePinning me down tracing my curves he strokes me firmly and slow opening me up to a new world of ple.

characters Cotas Claim

Hrobbing weapon to my entrance and I do all I can to brace myself for that bliss I’m already at my most vulnerable so when he decides he’ll take me raw no barriers between us I figure why not I’m already too far inBefore he saves me Cota will break m.

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