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  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • First Then
  • Emma Mills
  • English
  • 01 November 2018
  • 9781627792356

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    RE READ 83020 This book has brought me nothing but pure joy and laughter I read this when I was in my senior year of high school and I was able to see myself through Devon Now I'm a sopho in college and nothing has changed I'm still like Devon an introverted people pleaser who has sadly still not taken much interest in clubs and extracurricu

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    a recipe guide to books by emma mills 3 cups sunshine 14 cup fluffiest of fluff 1 tablespoon happiness a pinch o

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    Actual rating 25 stars because Ezra▶ In the end I got the impression that First Then was trying to address way too many issues without really giving them the time of a day Cut off the Darcy ish romance slooowly

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    if you hate girl hate judgmental characters slut shaming gender expectationsthen this is a book that will really annoy you for the fir

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    I simply can’t measure the love I have for this book well I guess I can with these 5 stars I’m giving it but I just don

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    Find all of my reviews at week’s trip to the libraryNetGalley was all due to status updates by Goodreads’ friends that hooked me like a fish immediately and had me clicking the reuest button without looking at ratings reviews synopses nada so it’s those friends who are owed the credit Blame??? Guess the

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    I DID IT I READ 7 BOOKS IN ONE WEEK I HAVE WON BOOKTUBE A THON 2017 screams falls into a heap on the floor This book was cute not my favorite contemporary but it was cute and I liked the second half uite a lot It wasn't anything completely special though but it was cute

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    I liked this but I didn’t love it I have high hopes that Foolish Hearts is going to be the perfect Emma Mills book for me and I can’t wait to read it

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    I'm sad I didn't enjoy this to its maximum potential because I adore the person who wrote it Emma is so hilarious

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    When you love something you can’t be happy all the time can you? Like that’s why you love it It makes you feel all kinds of things not just happy It can hurt it can make you fucking mad butit makes you feel something you know?” While both underwhelming and absolutely perfect this was exactly what I needed I say thi

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Emma Mills Ú 9 summary

First Then

Devon Tennyson wouldn't change a thing She's happy watching Friday night games from the bleachers silently crushing on best friend Cas and blissfully ignoring the future after high school But the universe has other plans. Actual rating 25 stars because Ezra In the end I got the impression that First Then was trying to address way too many issues without really giving them the time of a day Cut off the Darcy ish romance slooowly built that I genuinely enjoyed with the important exception of one of the most anticlimactic ending I ve ever read Ugh just ugh the reader makes its way in a widespread confusion You ve got truthful WTF moment where you realize that you have no idea what the characters are doing think scenes cut short weird transitions a general WHERE DOES THAT EVEN COMES FROM feeling and characters who pop up from nowhere You ve got important issues that aren t addressed properlyleft unresolved in a nutshell a mum in rehab maybe I guess a teenage pregnancy what is the point of Marabelle s character really a weird gambler survivor guy don t get me started about that Emir guy who is this person and why should I care for him Huh a crazy asshole who puts a psycho move when it s convenient but we know nothing about him whatsoever and guess what it isn t handled at all either an attempt at girl friendship resolved in two pages how to deal with grief completely superficial and lacking feels and big revelations that felt flat because they came out of nowhere None of these issues are properly dealt with You ve got flat characters whose names I didn t bother to remember except Cas the so called best friend whose name I do remember but whose personality I never saw not that I was interested in this jerk in the first place to be honest You ve got an uneven pacing and an uneven writing if that makes sense if some parts made me really smile others made me roll my eyes something fierce because HELLO cheesy lines especially in the first 30% that got me bored and the last 40% WTF and cheese blended together Yes I do realize that the only part that remains is the middle ish 30 60% Don t judge To be fair I did appreciate Devon s growth toward her cousin Foster who s been living with her family since the beginning of the story If I wanted to slap her at first she started opening her eyes wider and slowly slowly became aware that fitting in wasn t the only life goal we could pursue Good for you girl Note that I didn t hate her I mostly felt indifferent to her to be honestAs I did appreciate several of Devon and Ezra s non interactions because I have a soft spot for guys who have the communicating skills of a turtle I really do Don t ask Too bad everything felt flat and cheapened in the whole mess that was this novel Sorry I guess I m just mad I hate when the last thought that comes to my mind after closing a book is WHAT WAS THE FUCKING POINT You don t add important issues to a story only to let them hanging in the air somewhereview spoilerAnd you do NOT ruin a kissing scene I was looking forward to read hide spoiler

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It delivers Devon's cousin Foster an unrepentant social outlier with a surprising talent for football and the obnoxiously superior and maddeningly attractive star running back Ezra right where she doesn't want them firs. I simply can t measure the love I have for this book well I guess I can with these 5 stars I m giving it but I just don t feel like it accurately represents just HOW much I actually loved this story I couldn t stop reading and ended up staying up way too late just to finish Can I tell you all a secret I have never read a single Jane Austen book Ever Okay stop with the astonished looks I will tell you this I am not much for the classics I told myself I was going to read of them I just haven t I promise I will read them or one or something BUT the reason I m saying that is because this book summary sells it as Pride Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights Did you guys know I m a bit of a sucker for sports related stories First Then kind of revolves around football I mean it s definitely a part of the story but it s not the whole story Devon Tennyson is kind of drifting through her senior year of high school she s spent ages crushing over her best friend Cas and once an only child her house and life is now being overrun by her younger long lost cousin s presence I think what I loved most in this story were the relationships and the way they were explored Devon and Foster are kind of forced into a type of brothersister relationship which you can tell from the beginning that she kind of resents Foster for his part seems nice and even a bit sweet even though he s a bit closed off about his emotions and feelings but his life has been anything but nice and sweet Despite his history I loved his protectiveness towards Devon and I really enjoyed their dynamic togetherDevon herself is totally my kind of girl She s funny and snarky and there were times that I found myself literally laughing out loud while reading parts of this book Linds Yeah Lindsay You know Oh I knew A cute nickname was the first mile marker on Gag Highway Or High school parties are breeding grounds for idiotic people with too much drama and not enough sense Of course there is a boy or two I mentioned Cas Devon s best friend earlier and I honestly really loved their ease together and their friendship I thought I really liked him but then something happens at the end that really just crushed me I m not telling you what it is you ll figure it out when you read it but let s just say his swoon factor dropped exponentiallyThe second boy is Ezra Devon has Ezra pegged as a huge asshole when she realizes that they are the only seniors in a freshman gym class together and he treats her like crap Oh Ezra is an all American football player best on the team and going to the college of his choosing But he s not the guy everyone has him pegged as and I really really enjoyed the evolution of their relationship My only complaint kissing please LOL Overall a wonderfully told story of love and friendship family and loss and finding the things that drive you And yes it s my understanding that fans of Austen will recognize the references while reading even if I didn t Put this one on your TBR list now pre order it and then wait patiently by your mailbox because you NEED to read this one as soon as you possibly can

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T into her PE class and then into every other aspect of her life Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights in this contemporary novel about falling in love with the unexpected boy with a new brother and with yourself. I m sad I didn t enjoy this to its maximum potential because I adore the person who wrote it Emma is so hilarious and genuine and articulate in her youtube videos and I ve been watching her since middle school Her book however I m not a huge fan of She s a talented writer because she s SO incredibly smart but this book had no drive There was no real plot to it and it almost felt as if the wrong person was telling the story It focuses heavily on a character that s not the main character and reading about him from an outside perspective was boring I found myself struggling to get through this around page 100 I considered a DNF but pushed through This book is filled with football terminology football games football players football parties etc and I was extremely bored by that as well I see the potential in Emma s writing and characters since some bits and pieces did come together to make a uite touching story but this is one of those contemporaries that are just light and happy and angsty and I m not a huge fan of them any so I was just waiting for something interesting to happen but it never didI hear her newest one coming out later this year is really good and so since I love her I m going to give that one a try as well But this one wasn t my cup of tea

About the Author: Emma Mills

Emma Mills is the author of several novels for Young AdultsShe holds a PhD in cell biology and is known for her YouTube channel Elmify She is also the co creator and co host of the life skills channel How to Adult which ended in 2016Mills lives in St Louis Missouri