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Adani Following Its Dirty Footsteps

Occupying than 20% of AustraliaInvestigative journalist former academic and author Simpson’s personal story reveals the truth behind this controversy Doorknocking at Adani’s Indian H to hand over a petition from the Australian Conservation Foundation signed by Australia’s most prominent citizens; she also lobbied politicians in Parliament House in Canberra uestioning their motives that ensured the mine was approved Simpson investigates the power of the social movement Stop Adani which has captured the national imagination proving that while Adani might have gained the political will to build the mine it has never gained the social will of the peopleSimpson is also the owner of a gaff rigged schooner offering snorkelling tours around the fringing reef of the Whitsunday Islands part of the Great Barrier Reef Having surv.

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Ived one of Australia’s most destructive cyclones – Cyclone Debbie in 2017 which caused extensive damage to the reef – she is determined than ever to expose the coal mine’s lethal contribution to global warming which is threatening the world’s largest living organism – the Great Barrier Reef – with extinctionAdani Following Its Dirty Footsteps documents the inconceivable story of how Australian governments abrogated their responsibilities to protect this world heritage icon; bypassing environmental safeguards thereby irrevocably damaging Australia’s reputation as environmental steward of some of the world’s most valuable natural assets This book lays bare the pecuniary interests of Australia’s leaders serving a country which is the largest exporter of coal and how money rules over protecting the environme.

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From fishing villages in Mundra India where the Indian giant Adani built the country’s second largest coal fired powerplant to the dry tropics of North ueensland – the frontline of protest action against Adani Lindsay Simpson has doggedly pursued an incredible story how could a company with a globally disastrous reputation for environmental destruction along with a dubious financial status woo an Australian Prime Minister a State Premier and a handful of regional mayors to back a project to build Australia’s largest coalmine and the world’s largest coal terminal only kilometres from the Great Barrier Reef Adani's licence to mine 60 million tonnes of coal for 60 years threatens Australia’s precious ancient source of groundwater in the Galillee Basin a vast underground water reservoir part of the Great Artesian Basin.

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