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Per The Hare and the Tortoise The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Belling the Cat The Miller his Son and the Donkey The Fox and the Crow The Cockerel and the Fox The Goatherd and the Wild Goats The North Wind and the Sun The Fox and the Cat The Fox that lost his tail The Cat and the Hen The Peacock and the Crane The Dog and the Bone The Ant and the Dove The Crow and the Pitche.

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Aesops Fables on Stage On Stage Books Book 1

This book is a collection of plays that have been adapted from Aesop's most famous fables They can be used as performance plays readers theatre or just used to promote reading in groups Each play is between five and ten minutes long The plays can be adapted to suit the various needs of the group The cast list is very flexible – characters can be added Characters can be changed or omitted In additio.

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N the teachergroup leader can assume the role of the storyteller if the children are unable to read or not at the reading level reuired Also included in this book is a variety of drama activities These activities are designed to be fun and enjoyable as well as promoting group cohesion character development and creativity The plays in the collection are The Lion and the Mouse The Ants and the Grasshop.

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    A lovely membranous of childhood while once again reading these tales Always a good lesson