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Belgian Sheepdog Dog Breed Information All Belgian Sheepdogs are a suared proportioned dog that is alert agile and elegant with a proud carriage They are heavy boned and are able to herd for hours at a time without getting tired The Belgian Sheepdog has a very dense undercoat and the outercoat is heavily guarded lots of hairs that are straight and long Body Their neck is very strong and well muscled They are strong without Belgian Shepherds What's Good About 'Em Belgian Shepherds What's Good About 'Em What's Bad About 'Em Belgian Shepherd temperament personality training behavior pros and cons advice and information by Michele Welton Dog Trainer Behavioral Consultant Author of Dog Books Belgian Sheepdog Breed Facts and Personality Belgian sheepdogs go back to the s when these dogs with German shepherds French shepherds and Dutch shepherds were called continental shepherd dogs In the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club was formed Judges determined that the native shepherd dog was suare and medium sized with triangular ears These dogs differed only in the texture color and length of hair The Malinois and Sindarin Belgians Belgian Sheepdogs Merlin aka Sindarin's Golden Fire of Merlin Syrcie aka Sindarin's Fire of Syrcie Merlin's Syrcie's Pedigree see Fire Ice Litter SlipCheck Belgian Sheepdogs Slipcheck Belgians Belgian Sheepdogs Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Herding dog lovers kennel pics conformation shows puppy litters Slipcheck Belgians dog rescue Epix Belgian Sheepdogs Our Dogs Belgian Sheepdogs bred for talent and trainability.

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For performance show and active companionship Southern West Virginia USA Epix Arys Fides Kuymal CGC RA Asa is the dam of our litter Bred by Peggy Richter Kuymal Belgians Inyokern CA Asa's dam is a litter sister to our Ceth and Braxi Asa has very balanced drives is self possessed sweet and deceptively easy going when just Blackforest Belgian Sheepdogs Groenendael – Belgian Sheepdogs we bred compete in Agility Showring Obedience Rally Herding Tracking Barn Hunt Dock Diving and Lure Coursing We strive to breed healthy family dogs with sound temperament and preserve the versatility of the breed Epix Belgians epixbsdcom Epix Belgian Sheepdogs has recently relocated back to the Pacific Northwest to beautiful southwest Oregon Although Epix is our kennel name none of our dogs are kennel dogs All are our household and traveling companions spending their days and nights living working and playing with us We currently have generations of Belgian Sheepdogs Groenendael We are planning to add our next Poetry's Bend Belgian Sheepdogs I have been actively involved in Belgian Sheepdogs since the purchase of my first boy Kodar's Idea of Perfection RN BN CGC Instinct Tested aka Blaze in June of I have been Mentored by Long Time Belgian Breeder and BSCA Judges Mentor Julia Fiechter of Morningstar BSD's and have had the honor of presenting GCH Morningstar's Zack BN RA CD in the the AKC Breed Ring since I have Belgian Sheepdog puppies for sale Belgian Belgian Sheepdogs are of the herding group They are muscular and almost always feature a.

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Pure black medium length coat As they tend to be territorial and protective they reuire solid socialization from the earliest age Always ready to please its master the Belgian Sheepdog reuires much love and attention About the Breeders Clubnet Directory This breed directory page features Belgian Belgian Sheepdog Dog Breed Information The Belgian Sheepdog is a highly trainable herder whose versatility and intelligence is the stuff of canine legend This is a breed built for hard work and plenty of it These sensitive souls Belgian Shepherd Wikipedia Isengard Belgian Sheepdogs Working Performance and Show Belgian Sheepdogs Isengard ShowPerformance Litters Summer Copyright Isengard Belgians Belgian Sheepdog Dog Breed Information Pictures Belgian Sheepdog Club of America BSCA Belgian Sheepdogs at play Welcome to the official website of the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America As a parent club to the breed we are dedicated to promoting preserving and protecting our Belgian Sheepdogs The Belgian Sheepdog is a versatile dog a dog known for brains as well as beauty Originally bred for its herding ability the Belgian Sheepdog also excels in obedience agility About Belgians – Isengard Belgian Sheepdogs Belgian Sheepdogs are a working breed and should have a moderately high activity level and drive to work this is what is needed for a good performance dog Belgians have excelled in obedience agility and tracking they are highly intelligent but unless they have a constructive outlet for their energy they can become bored and destructive.