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Art related community service and he just wants to see them payall bets are offWith the men in his family always in and out of the slammer Jase was raised in foster care He knows what it ta. Bending the Rules is book two in Susan Andersen s Sisterhood Diaries series about three unrelated women who hav

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Bending the Rules

Tall dark and intense Detective Jason de Sanges excites all kinds of fantasies in Poppy Calloway But when she suggests the three teens caught spray painting a Seattle neighborhood be given. So why not just relax and see where it takes youBecause she s a good girlAnd you re a good boy Murphy roaredI m

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Kes to walk the line And his number one self imposed rule Avoid his hunger for sexy irresistible Poppy who challenges him on everything But it's a vow that's getting harder and harder to ke. My thoughts exactly This book flat out sucked I kept checking the spine to make sure it was an adult romance nove

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    So why not just relax and see where it takes you?Because she's a good girlAnd you're a good boy Murphy roaredI'm a fucking de Sanges I uit being a good boy around the time I turned eightOkay This was better than the first bo

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    Another enjoyable read in this series I love how the girls referred to their perfect man as Mr Sheik I think most of us read

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    July 2011 Review 3 starsThis is why I don't do rereads damn it The book rarely if ever is as good as I thought it was the first time around And when I read a book than once I start noticing little things that annoy the shitskis I'll

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    15 STARS Reasons why I ended DNF'ing this oldie from 2009 at 71%▪︎ her tongue slicked over the silky membrane of his lo

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    Bending the Rules is book two in Susan Andersen's 'Sisterhood Diaries' series about three unrelated women who have been best friends since childhood When their wealthy benefactress dies her will provides the impetus that eventually sees each woman finding just the right man for herPoppy was and still is the 'hippie' of the trio Raised on a commune and the benefits of granola she uses her talents to work with 'at risk' children But even she

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    Poppy Calloway and Jason de Sanges met only once during one of the detective's investigation but it was enough to leave a strong impression on each other When three teenagers are caught doing graffitis on some business buildings Poppy propose to their committee to let the kids paint a mural after they'll clean up their tagging But the young woman never thought her idea of helping the teenagers would backfire on her whe

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    25 stars Read the first 100 pages very average skimmed a lot after that I feel like I am cleaning house of all these books I have had forever and nothing appeals to me Damn you Kristen Ashley

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    My thoughts exactly This book flat out sucked I kept checking the spine to make sure it was an adult romance nove

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    Good story Our heroine is an artist who wants the whole world to find and express the art of their soul Our hero is a practical policeman who must protect her while trying to avoid falling in love with her free spirit

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    this author was on my auto buy list I think she's moving to my skim at the bookstore listThe plot for this book is solid I love a good contemporary that doesn't get bogged down in idiot characters or motivations Susan Anderson is always good for that But her language choice is has officially crossed the line from charming collouialisms to irritating and dated All the dialog is written in language that makes it sound li