[PDF/EPUB] Best Bisexual Women's Erotica author Cara Bruce

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  • Best Bisexual Women's Erotica
  • Cara Bruce
  • English
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9781573441346

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    45 starsMost people seem to think bisexual women have a magical ability to have their cake and eat it too This perception makes them sometimes

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    Delightful selection of erotic tales As a submissive bi female I especially enjoyed this exciting collection Nearly all the

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    Stories that will turn you on and see how many people rarely understand another by discourse alone You'll crack up

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    Some of the smartest erotica I have read I kept having to look up words which is hot as fuck

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    From bisexual bookstumblrcomPutting together a collection of bisexual women’s erotica must be difficult On the one hand you want to avoid hypersexualizing tropes that create bisexual women as existing only for the cishet male gaze but damn can’t a bi women enjoy a little porn now and then? In the introduction to Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica editor Cara Bruce describes wading through predictable submissions – t

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Best Bisexual Women's Erotica

Ike sex itself is neither cut and dried nor black and white” writes editor Cara Bruce Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica explores the steamy sex lives and loves of bisexual wome. Delightful selection of erotic tales As a submissive bi female I especially enjoyed this exciting collection Nearly all the stories kept my temperature burning hot and my panties very very wet XOXOXOs to the editor Cara Bruce for a great job

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Cleis Press’s Best Lesbian Erotica and Best Gay Erotica series are bestsellers every year raising and exceeding readers’ expectations with each new edition “Bisexuality l. 45 starsMost people seem to think bisexual women have a magical ability to have their cake and eat it too This perception makes them sometimes the most hated and other times the most lusted after sexual group under the rainbow This sentence starts the introduction to this wonderful collection of erotic short stories that feature bisexual female characters in a variety of settings and situations The stories are all alluringly erotic and there is truly something here for everyone Triptych by Helena Settimana An exploration of a woman s life and three stops on the path to her true sexuality Double Down by Esther Haas Karen and Greg have just been married in Las Vegas and nothing is as it seems when Karen supposedly is shopping and Greg is playing poker The Smell of It by Thea Hillman A woman helps her girlfriend firefighter Casey get off with dirty talk of a wet and sweaty fantasy of the guys watching Casey work out Scenes from Thailand by Rachel Resnick A woman visits Bangkok and Phuket with her male partner and spends a short time with a Laos whore Happy Loving Couple Makes It Look So Easy by Susan Coss A bisexual woman and her gay best friend enjoy the benefits of being married while on vacation in Cabo Night on Twelfth Street by Marilyn Jaye Lewis A woman who turns tricks with uptown men is trapped between the violent man in her bed and the woman that comes to see her when she s clean Surrender Dorothy by Lisa Archer A woman arranges to have her straight friend s fantasy come true to help her come out once and for all Party of One by Elisa Tanner A lesbian s partner sets up the ultimate fantasy for her involving anonymous sex What She s Worth by Michelle Scalise Karen unknowingly plays a role in a woman s dangerous sexual game Hands by Ariel Hart A manicurist uses her hands to satisfy female and male clients with a special service Hilary s Swank on Billy the Kid by Lana Gail Taylor Cass is a singer and Keifer plays guitar and the two members of separate bands finally get together and share their sexual pasts Go by Jen Collins Murphy s girlfriend sees the look in her eyes and lets Murphy go to a gay bar to snag a boy for hot anonymous sex Extracurriculars by Joy VanNuys A culinary student sits and talks with her fellow students about men versus women while flashing to her past encounters with both Full Service by Erica Dumas A girl turning tricks catches sight of a man who makes her contemplate breaking the rules that Janice demands Thwack by Lynn A Powers A polyamorous phone sex operator has two relationships at one time and addresses some perceived infidelity by using one partner against the other Hair Club for Bisexuals by Carol ueen A bisexual swinger s sexual escapades in reference to hair The Devil Is a Suirrel by Astrid Fox A woman who hasn t had sex in six years six months and six days meets the devil in an alley Leaving the Past by Nine Declare Meeting a woman named Lisa helps Terra to leave the past behind and focus on the future On the Care and Feeding of White Boys by R Gay A lesbian couple decides to find a white boy to use as a sex toy The Year of Fucking Badly by Susannah Indigo A research librarian attempts to investigate whether bad sex is a reality or just an urban legend This is an excellent anthology of erotic stories focusing on a spectrum on the gay rainbow that is so often overlooked Here we have women with both women and men some in relationships and some not some at the same time and others not This easily could have fallen into the typical stereotypes or misconceptions of bisexual women but each story is fresh and uniue It is fascinating that with one central idea these twenty authors have come up with sinfully sexy stories that cover a wide range of emotions Several are uite funny The Devil Is a Suirrel On the Care and Feeding of White Boys and The Year of Fucking Badly while a few are decided dark and disturbing Scenes from Thailand and Night on Twelfth Street but all have a wickedly erotic vein This anthology offers some of the most erotic stories I have ever read no matter the sexuality of the characters including Party of One Go Full Service Leaving the Past and The Year of Fucking Badly This is one of the best anthologies I ve read and I highly recommend it for anyone who is open to all types of sexuality The stories all include bisexual characters but the brilliance is that being bisexual isn t the focus of the stories These tales aren t an analysis of what it is to be bisexual they are simply well written short stories with solid characters that are sexually open and embracing of others It begins with a fantastic introduction by editor Cara Bruce who has done a phenomenal job selecting these stories and just keeps getting better and better Bruce says it best in her anthology when describing the collection In this book as in the ideal world anything goes

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N in various settings and combinations Contributors include Carol ueen Marcy Sheiner Kathleen Bryson and Anne Marino and features 25 previously unpublished erotic short stories. Stories that will turn you on and see how many people rarely understand another by discourse alone You ll crack up at the story about two black women a couple who decide to find the perfect white boy for understanding The Proper Care and Feeding of White Boys What a riot And the stories are very well written as well as hot

About the Author: Cara Bruce

Jennifer D Munro's essays and stories have been widely published in literary journals and women's anthologies Whether fiction or nonfiction JD offers a candid yet often humorous exploration of sex and the sexes with a uirky yet earthy take on women's issues such as body image infertility gender roles and marriage JD's published fiction is collected in The Erotica Writer's Husband Other Stories She is from Hawaii but now lives in Seattle