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St day of their deeply religious parents' lives Margaret cherishes those carefree childhood memories because the brother she adored is now in jail Father Michael Aulsebrook pleaded guilty to multiple charges of molesting children some as young as seven And the unlikely whistle blower was his courageous twin sisterIt cost Margaret everything but she couldn't stay silent any longer about the damage her bro.

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Blood on the Rosary

A brave nun Her twin brother The secrets and lies that would tear them apartThere is a special bond that twins share an ethereal connection that can't be put into wordsMargaret Harrod shared that uniue bond with her twin brother MichaelAs children they were inseparable and at age 22 together they gave their lives to the Catholic Church Margaret became a nun and Michael a Salesian priest it was the proude.

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Ther was wreaking in his community Margaret knows of that damage firsthand having had that trust betrayed herself Blood on the Rosary is a heartfelt brave and inspiring memoir that tells Margaret Harrod's story how she sacrificed everything she held dear in the pursuit of the truth and how she bravely fought her church and her community to bring paedophile priests including her beloved brother to justice.

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    This book is so sad but inspiring as well Hard to read in parts due to the nature of the book Margaret is an inspiration

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    Very sad book but what strength and bravery Maragret showed To read this book is to endure one woman's story The damage men and then the church had on this poor young women is simply criminal

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    Heartbreaking true story of an Australian former nun who suffered child sexual abuse at the hands of her father and preists from the Catholic church and difficulties she faced in getting her story heard