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Fire up the best backyard bashes with simple and delicious recipes from grilling guru Bobby Flay in his first ever fully illustrated full color grilling book Whether youve picked up corn at a local farmstand or chicken breasts at the supermarket a fantastically flavorful ridiculously simple grilled feast is right at your fingertips with Bobby Flays Grill ItPacked with the innovative marinades sauces vinaigrettes and rubs that have helped make Bobby a celebrity chef and leading restaurateur this beautiful cookbook will help you transform basic ingredients into grilled masterpieces year round Bobby knows how you shop and cook and know.

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Balsamic Rosemary Butter A truly comprehensive grill guide Bobby Flays Grill Italso includes Bobby s take on charcoal versus gas grills and how to pick one whatever your preference and budget A list of indispensable grilling tools A guide to stocking the perfect grill pantry A resource guide for high uality ingredients supplies and accessories Simply put Bobby Flays Grill Itis Bobby at his best No matter what you choose to grill or what looks best when you actually get to the store Bobby helps you create an easy meal that is fresh flavorful and fun to cook This is the new must have guide to becoming a grilling guru in your own righ.

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S you think I want burgers tonightnot I want to do a main course on the grill As a result the book is conveniently organized by ingredient with chapters covering juicy beef steaks and succulent shrimp of course as well as perhaps less traditional grill fare such as asparagus fruit lamb scallops potatoes and suash so you can expand your backyard repertoire Bobby teaches you how to grill each staple perfectly while also offering an arsenal of ideas for how to transform your favorite ingredients into something inventive and satisfying such as Grilled Chicken Thighs with Green Olives and Sherry Vinegar Orange Sauce or Grilled Steak with.