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R submarine and are going to launch missiles at the entire world in order to put Hitler yes he lives – sort of back into power But do not worry for Honey has an ally in bounty hunter Johnny Doom Honey herself puts it best when she says “I realize the whole things sounds rather muddled and straight out of a dime novel” Un.

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Bombshell Book 9

Fortunately for the reader she has written her own review for this novel The entire novel has the feeling of having been written over a weekend with such marvelous sentences like “His glasses fell to the bed revealing two bulging bloodshot mounds of horror that looked down to an arm wearing a Nazi swastika in awed disbelief?.

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In Bombshell Honey drives from Long Beach to Moro FL when her commercial fisherman friend Raven McCormick sends a cryptic letter about ominous happenings She is not in town five minutes before she discovers uniformed Nazis who have terrorized the local residents have overrun the town This is because they have hijacked a nuclea.

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