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Catherines Domestic Discipline Punishment Spanking

Ment penetrationPlease noteCatherine's Domestic Discipline Punishment Spanking is a work of fiction No person was harmed in any way during the writing of this book Being an imaginary person Catherine cannot be harmed by an alpha male's sadistic spanking and she cannot be permanently damaged by abuse She was created only for your enjoyment and entertainme

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Catherine anxiously awaits her husbands arrival home She knows when he arrives she can expect her first 'maintenance spanking' He feels that she has been bratting and that regular spankings will correct her misbehavior She is in for a surprise when he gets home and gets than she expectedThis novelette contains nudity punishment spanking paddling strappin

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G anal play and penetration 18 only pleaseFROM THE AUTHORIn this fictional account of a punishment spanking given to a naughty wife by her dominant husband Catherine submits to and receives a very severe spanking With every part of her punishment seen through her eyes the reader will find exuisite and explicit details of her spanking strapping and punish

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