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Childhood Youth and Exile

Nd his eventual imprisonment for his socialist beliefs The book ends with his adventures in exile which are vividly recounted and disply the rich observation of detail that make Herzen's work so compellin.

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Erzen begins with his nurse's account of Napoleon's occupation of Moscow in 1812 and continues through his solitary boyhood and close friendship with his cousin Nick Ogarev his days at Moscow University a.

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This book comprises the first two parts of Herzen's autobiography My Past and Thoughts one of the greatest monuments of Russian iterature comparable to the major works of Tolstoy Dostoevsky and Turgenev H.

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Alexander Ivanovich Herzen Russian Александр Иванович Герцен was a Russian pro Western writer and thinker known as the father of Russian socialism and one of the main fathers of agrarian populism being an ideological ancestor of the Narodniki Socialist Revolutionaries Trudoviks and the agrarian American Populist Party He is held responsible for creating a political climate leading to th

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    5 stars for Berlin's scintillating introduction to the life and thought of Herzen 4 stars for the book itself which consists of the first two volumes of Herzen's memoirs Herzen is one of those names that are forever flitting around the edges of one's consciousness and one's reading vaguely associated with the Russian anarchists of t

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    Herzen’s acute eye for observation his survey of events great and small without a shred of bombastic pathos his irresistible sense of humor his formidable skills as a raconteur his staunch distrust of generalization and willingness to embrace life in its manifold complexity make this work important for both the student of mid century Russia who wants to understand the world of the rural aristocracy the criminal court

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    The first two parts of I think five parts of Herzen’s memoirs this edition while not serving the purpose I got it for because it sto

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