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  • Claiming His Wedding Night
  • Louise Fuller
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  • 04 July 2017
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    I typically enjoy the stories about estranged couples reuniting And I think my expectations for Harleuin books are realistic a fun bit of light reading for escape and romance But this one was just painful Male lead was a petulant jerk Female was pretty much a doormat with an unrealistic view of life Much of the

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    475 stars The great thing about this story was the chemistry between Addie and Malachi The way these two played off of each other when ever they interacted was just so amazing so steamy so funny so entertaining and just intense it wasn’t hard to be entranced by all their meetings I know had a few chuckle moments in there especially with Malachi and something he would say to Addie then her reaction to them I think what was cle

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    Casino magnate Malachi King was left dumbfounded when Addie Farrell up and left him on the day they got married He didn't chase after her and 5 years later he is surprised to hear from herAddie never wanted to speak to Malachi again but when

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    Full disclosure I couldn’t read this entire book I ended up skimming in search of anything that would help me find out why these two were still married what had actually happened in the past and whether they belonged togetherShe was immature acted irrationally at times ran away instead of dealing with anything was a complete doormat and embarrassingly willing to have sex with him after a five year silent estrangement and her so called bro

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    This was so good I finished it in one day Just couldn't put it down If you love romance this is the book for you

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    Very disappointing boring and sleep inducing I struggled to finish this story I only completed this book because hate not to

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    Malachi King is than just a very rich business man Making money from his casino empire he had a fast and ruthless reputation At least until Addie Farrell came in to his life Winning her wedding her then losing her before the

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    This was a fun book The main characters were terrific Addie is a willful strong woman who is still in love with her husband of 5 years Her husband Malachi does not think he can ever love The story is interesting and has a

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    Addie found out she really didn't know the the man she married after 1 day Left and no contact for 5 years Then receives a letter that funding is being cut off for the Children's Charity so contacts him To get the funds bac

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    Great exactly what I was hoping it would be like thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want it to end

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Louise Fuller É 2 Characters

Claiming His Wedding Night

You owe me a honeymoon Addie Farrell's marriage to casino magnate Malachi King lasted exactly one day until she discovered their love was a sham Now with funding for her children's charity. 475 stars The great thing about this story was the chemistry between Addie and Malachi The way these two played off of each other when ever they interacted was just so amazing so steamy so funny so entertaining and just intense it wasn t hard to be entranced by all their meetings I know had a few chuckle moments in there especially with Malachi and something he would say to Addie then her reaction to them I think what was clever about those moments was the fact the things he would say to her could be taken in two different ways One way would be in a very plain and literally way but the other way had a sexy overtone to it that could be seen as sexy banter and flirting between them And he knew what he was doing and doing it to get a reaction out of Addie It was as outrageous as it was funny and made me realize that Malachi was uite the character and I loved that about him That was really and brought a lightness to the situation even though the situation in of itself was very much intense emotional and just angst There was so much good angst in this story I was impressed with the amount of angst that was in this one It was so so amazing Their interactions had that flirtybanter thing going on but it also had this really raw and angsty deal to them to because of their history and hurt feelings they had over that history after having reconnected after five years There was a lot of head butting in this story especially as they agree to the deal between them At times it was really emotionally charged with all those hurt feelings going on between them while dealing with this insane sexual attraction between them but also something because of the feelings they felt for each other which were beyond deep I loved that because it made it such an engaging story They had some really good steamy moments between them as they interacted that weren t bedroom related but just had to do with their relationship and their feelings for one another It was great seeing that played out on the page It created great build up between Malachi and Addie both physically and emotionally as they learned how to deal with other again It was awesomeAnother awesome thing about this story was despite the fact that they had this over the top sexual chemistry going on there was still uite a bit of romance in this one In fact this had a lot romance in it than I was expecting Usually the romance scenes are taken of romance in lieu of something else despite the fact that these are suppose to be romance stories A lot of romances don t have really any romantic scenes whatsoever and it gets you to wonder where the romance is This was not the case here though There uite a few romantic moments between Malachi and Addie in the story especially when they were on his private island Why was this important When Malachi was being romantic not sexual than it showed how much he cared about Addie and her needs and wants by spending time with her and getting to know her They had some really nice moments exploring the island together I could see them getting deeper and deeper with each other emotionally I could see them falling in love with each other and that s very important in a romance That s why romances need romantic scenes that aren t confined to bedroom activities It just shows caring and tenderness between the couple involved Again by Malachi just doing these little romantic things for her it showed a different side to him where his tenderness and love was on display It was just beautiful to see that develop in the story I wish romances would do that in their books and have those romantic scenes because I think they are so important to the love story and it shows so much even than a declaration or speech or anything like that The romance in here was just top notchI loved how the emotional intimacy was developed between these two It happed gradually but at a nice steady pace It truly came to head after Malachi bought a sexy slip for Addie and asked her to put it on She accused him of only treated her as a sex object and nothing which greatly hurt her in the process That was when he had the lightbulb moment that he didn t like hurting her by treating her that way so he cleaned up his act This was when the emotional intimacy really came into play because they spent time to getting to know each other and letting down their guards This was the first time that they allowed themselves to be vulnerable with one another They both learned about their pasts and why they acted they way they did that effected their marriage so much especially in the case of Malachi They began to understand each other better and learn to be there for each other in a way they hadn t before It was really nice progression to see As for the physical side of their intimacy that was as steamy as it was teased after they reunited again with all that sexy banterflirting going on between them Those banters scenes were hot and were very much foreplay from the beginning as it lead up to those bedroom scenes They were explosive in intensity with all that angst and tension between them They were hot together which carried on to the bedroom There was the airplane scene which wasn t a full blown love scene but very spicy It showed off the depth of the want for each other after all this time being apart but it also showed that this scene was a battle of wills than a passionate interlude It wasn t until the in depth full blown love scene that was the true passionate interlude because there was so much than sexual tension between them It was about emotions as well but passion than anything else It was after the romantic scenes and emotional intimate scene that were starting to build between them It was a very satisfying scene between them and worth all the buildup between them It showed how much they needed each other I loved that My only complaint with the love scenes were that there were a lack of in depth ones that were within the stories Don t get me wrong they had some sexy times throughout the book but it was downgraded to a simple sentence and summarized There needed to be one detailed scene in the bedroom in my opinion The only love scene that was shown was them up against the wall but never a true scene where they were in a bed making love It was teased but then uickly faded to black as was the case with some of the other love scenes that were only casually mentioned I think there needed to be a slower tender love scene between them shown to show the balance form that fast and furious scene up against the wall in the bedroom of a submarineI personally just like to see how different love scenes are throughout the story just to show the development between the couple and change of the meaning of those scenes to show it s than just physical between them Not that I didn t believe that there wasn t between them because I did but I just wanted to see that slow and emotionally intense love scene between them I was looking forward to seeing either Malachi or Addie making love to the other person slowly and just show off the level of caring they had for the other person Or even just another in depth love scene in general would have been nice I would have liked to have seen the one on the plane after Addie met his parents for the first time that would have been an emotionally charged scene I think plus show off how much needed her support love and comfort in that momentThis story was pretty darn amazing and I adored it The only thing that prevented me from giving this book a five stars which I was very much intending to do was the ending The ending was abrupt Yes the got back together but it was very anticlimactic I even said to myself as I finished That s it I thought there needed to be either a little or an epilogue because without either of those things the story just felt unfinished and a little unsatisfying due to the abruptness of the ending It just ended really uickly without too much effort on Malachi s part There was no really apology or grovel She forgave him just so easily After such an amazing second chance love story of Malachi and Addie the ending was just a bit of a let down because there wasn t much to it There just needed to be there because something was definitely missing there This was my first time reading a book by Louise Fuller and I can say it was an utter success It was a very enjoyable reading experience pretty much from the get go I didn t know what to expect from this author since I hadn t read her but I was unexpectedly surprised how much of I loved it It had a lot of my favorite romance elements like intensity angst emotional turmoil emotional intimacy anticipation and great sexual tensionbanterflirting Because those elements were included in the story I was immediately enmeshed in the story and devoured it I took my time while reading it so I could savor it wanting to absorb every single detail of this second chance love story between Malachi and Addie who I loved by the way I was very much invested in their romance because I utterly adored them together They just really played off well of each other and connected on a level that was beyond amazing They were a couple I could really get behind and root for as the story progressed I just loved them together and was so happy they got this second chance together Aside from the abrupt ending I loved it I can see myself rereading this one again in the future This was a brilliant introduction to this author If this is the usually style from Louise Fuller then I am going to have another new author added to my favorite list This was just so so good Highly recommend for Presents lovers angsty romance lovers second chance marriage lovers and sexy reads that have a ton of sexy banterflirtingforeplay lovers You won t be disappointed I promise you

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About to be cut Addie must face her husband and their dangerously seductive chemistry once again Humiliated and frustrated after Addie's sudden departure Malachi seizes the chance to put th. This was so good I finished it in one day Just couldn t put it down If you love romance this is the book for you

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E power back where it belongs in his hands The deal Malachi will give her the money she desperately needs if she returns to his side and finally he will claim his long awaited wedding night. Addie found out she really didn t know the the man she married after 1 day Left and no contact for 5 years Then receives a letter that funding is being cut off for the Children s Charity so contacts him To get the funds back is Addie willing to pay the price he ask