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The woods while Varghoss is on patrol the wheels of fate begin to turn and it’s all Varghoss can do to hang onto his own life as his world turns upside down Varghoss learns that the man from his dreams is Ulfvaldr the leader of the shifter Wolf Tribe When Ulfvaldr kidnaps Varghoss hoping to incite a war for revenge with Varghoss’s stepfather Varghoss must make a choice Will he follow his desire for Ulfvaldr and help him take his kingdom from his stepfather His choice leads.

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Claw and Crown

A Gay Viking Fantasy Shifter MPreg RomanceVarghoss lives a lonely tortured life under his stepfather the king He is the prince and true heir but no one in the castle would dare to befriend Varghoss lest they risk incurring the king’s wrath Friendless Varghoss has only his dreams of a strong handsome alpha male to comfort him Still he imagines that he will never know the touchor the love that he longs for But when the man he’s seen in his nightly visions suddenly appears in.

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Him down a dangerous path of battle lust and ancient magic Varghoss will discover about himself who his parents truly were and his kingdom than he ever thought possible Claw and Crown the first of its series is a full length 43000 word romance novel Follow Varghoss as he embarks on a sword and sorcery adventure that could cost him everything or win him love a child and the only chance he has to learn who his parents really were and the true history of his ancient Viking kingdom.

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    Well Well this book was entertaining to say the least The thing is you can tell it was written by a man Not a bad thing just different You know there was no emotions mainly just actions It was crude and fast paced Would I recommend this book? Eh if you don’t the book too seriously its a interesting ride

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    This author is my favorite for capturing the rough action packed days of long ago and the incredible heat between two virile men Varghoss is a prince who lives a precarious life under the hateful eye of the king Fundinn Any who befriend or pay homage to him are punished so his life is a lonely existence He longs for the touch of a man and dreams of one who makes him ache with need Ulfvaldr leads a rough band

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    Two stars I was bored reading this