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In this first volume of his study of two influential Eastern streams Prokofieff considers the spiritual movement of Agni Yoga as presented to the world by Helena Roerich and her husband the painter Nicholas Roerich Helena Roerich developed Agni Yoga or Living Ethics in fourteen published volumes which she believed to have been directly dic.

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East In the Light of the West

Hich include the teaching of a future physical incarnation of Christ Along the trail he uncovers ominous connections with Lenin and Bolshevik Russia the American president F D Roosevelt and the bringer of Glasnost Michael Gorbachov who referred to Nicholas Roerich as a representative of our civilization and of its culture one of its pillar.

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Tated by Eastern MastersBy relating the inspiration Helena Roerich received to that of the later teachings of H P Blavatsky Prokofieff is able to penetrate the occult foundations of this stream In the light of modern Christian esotericism particularly the research of Rudolf Steiner he pinpoints the principal spiritual errors of Agni Yoga w.

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