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Hose seeking a modern path of spiritual development FLORIN LOWNDES was born in Romania in 1938 and had an international career in architectural art and design In 1970 he emigrated to the United States where he taught at college level and in Steiner Waldorf schools Since 1971 he has been engaged in the study of anthroposophy and has written many articles for journals on related uestions He co authored The Human Life and founded the Center of Heart Thinking in Boston At present he leads training seminars in the United States and throughout Euro.

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Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart

The seer and teacher Rudolf Steiner advised that specific 'accompanying' or 'fundamental' spiritual exercises should always be carried out in conjunction with meditation While meditation is the foundation of any spiritual path of development it can pose dangers to normal consciousness These exercises offer a protection by helping to develop inner certainty and strength This is achieved for example through the first exercise by concentrating and intensifying the powers of thinking through the second by developing the control of the will throug.

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H the third by mastering the outer expressions of the life of feeling and so on Florin Lowndes describes the fundamental exercises in thorough detail giving suggestions as to how they may be carried out He also relates an important and hidden aspect that the exercises embody the means for developing and strengthening organic and 'living' thinking which is intimately related to the enlivening of a new organ of perception the heart chakra or lotus Lowndes casts new light on many aspects of this uestion and offers encouragement and stimulus to t.