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    So this is where the series started going downhill for me The steamy scenes were starting to get a bit repetitive and I really don't like Rico He is just getting annoying and every time I think the author is going to bring in a new character for Sondra to get together with it's Rico Gah I hate that everyone sni

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    Once again Nick and Sondra are back and once again I am pleased to see so much trust between them The power exchange was also a great additio

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    This is book five in The Boss's Pet series BDSM and continues the story of Nick and Sondra as they explore deeper into the

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Free read » PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Tonya Kinzer

To its fullest An endorphin high can only be experienced never explainedThe Sondra learns the stronger she becomes mentally She realizes her dominant side needs to be exposed so those who desire to be a submissive can enjoy beingunder her command Sondra.

Download Under Her Command (The Bosss Pet, #5)

Under Her Command (The Bosss Pet, #5)

Adult Content BDSMSondra learns even as she delves deeper into the lifestyle she now craves with her bosspartnermaster Her body still betrays her to receive what it must have She’s learned that her mind allows her to escape pain only to enjoy pleasure.

Free read » PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Tonya Kinzer

Understands what a submissive needs to reach their highest level of experience Yes pain brings pleasure on a plateau that can only be reach by sensory applications and Sondra delivers Her submissives want and need to serve her and she rewards themin time.