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E out the thoughts that consume him Ryan is haunted by visions that torment him every time he looks at her He finds himself swallowed by guilt and blame but he’s unwilling to turn his back on the one person that could possibly save himYou’ve heard Candace’s story in Fading now hear Ryan?. Falling Fading 2 by EK Blair5 stars cause that s what s happening here I m falling I never wanted to before but with her all I want to do is fall Fall into her Fall so deep inside of her heart so that I never have to be without her This journey was an unexpected one it started with the cover of Fading a cover so dark that it drew me inI was captivated by the simple lone figure and immediately bought the book this was a cover that held an even greater meaning once the book had been read Now I have just read the third book in this series and once again the COVEREK Blair knows how to pick them knowing the premise behind them I knew I was in for one emotional rideOnce again this ride was emotional powerful poignant insightful passionate sensitive and thought provoking This whole series has been one emotional roller coaster I can t even say one particular instalment is a favourite as they have all been amazing pieces of work each one bringing us a different perspective on one young girls life EK Blair has a knack of drawing you in and once she has those claws in she never lets you go until the very end and Ryan s story was no differentI have said before that EK Blair s writing style is addictive once you start reading you cannot stop your emotions are raw they are toyed with your heart aches and breaks and then slowly you are pieced back together again I loved Ryan in Fading but one thing you never really truly understood or got to know was just how broken Ryan was too It seems fitting that these two broken souls found each other and ended up healing together It was as if fate somehow had intervened and made something so brutal and ugly turn into something so beautiful That s the thing about loveit s a pretty powerful force that can show a side of you that you never knew existed Show you that you re capable of becoming someone you never thought you could be and you do it for the other person because you love them because you want to put them before you Reading this story from Ryan s perspective was heart breaking truly heart breaking He was so conflicted and his head was totally at war with his heart He wanted to be honest but he knew that it could only result in heart break and it was a heart break that he didn t think he could survive He had really put himself out there with Candace and you never truly appreciated how all in he actually was He loved her with everything he had and his conversations with his mum were so heart felt they often reduced me to tears The extremely close relationship he had with his mum was beautiful and so endearing these two really were confidantes friends as well as mother and son Just a piece of advice she adds Don t ever lie to her about who you are If she ever asks be honest I really connected with Ryan in this book I loved him in Fading and now totally adore him I just wanted to give him big hugs and tell him it was all going to be OK as I had read the end of Fading and he gets the girl Alas his childhood was painful he had such a hard time as did his mother and he had to grow up really uick but he was selfless always putting his mother and family first and everyone else too It was painful reading about his past through memories and you felt like you were living through it with him they were ugly and had left permanent scars in ways than one His inability to have a relationship were all borne from his past and that was why he was so shocked how strong his feelings were for Candace He couldn t comprehend how so suddenly this girl had waltzed into his life and completely changed him He had to put his own problems and insecurities aside as he lived through Candace s he wanted to take her pain away and absorb it himself His father had physically and mentally abused him and his mother In order to try and forget he buried himself with self destructive behaviour as a means of coping drink drugs meaningless hook ups with women and anger He didn t like the person he had become and felt that he was his fathers son and was like him than he cared to think Because for most of life I ve been lostI dealt with a lot of shit growing up and I used women as my way to escapeyou re nothing like those women Nothing I ve never looked at them or wanted them the way I do you We know how the story goes and I will not go into the finer details but it is through this story that you finally see how affected Ryan was by what he witnessed We also see first hand the slow build up in their friendship until they eventually become and you see the family side of Ryan how dedicated and close all his family are The hardest part to face was when the truth was revealed I cried a lotRyan was decimated heartbroken inconsolable and on a path to self destruction He always said that when he gave his heart it was forever and it was I was devastated all over again You re not gonna lose me babe I love you too much to let you go Candace has long fallen asleep in my arms when I feel the first of many tears roll down my cheeks and into her hair I am a sucker for a good epilogue and this does not disappoint All I can say is that this is one AMAZING series and should not be missed it is a must read I highlighted so much of this book so many poignant lines that stab straight through your heart The same story from three different perspectives but even though you know the story the other two books carry their own weight It is so novel to get three sides to one story how one mindless piece of violence can affect so many people not just the victim This whole series is intense emotional and truly memorable and one that has left a permanent imprint I cannot recommend this series highly enough Once again EK Blair you have blown me away I cannot wait to see what this author delivers next You are the only reason there s light in my life Before you there was nothing but darkness You will never have to doubt your place in this world again because I swear I will spend forever making sure you re right where you belong I see you in colours that don t exist wwwtheromancecovercom

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Yourself off people get hurt along the way Never caring much about others Ryan creates a world in which he doesn’t have to feel When Ryan meets Candace Parker all of his walls slowly begin to crumble Not sure of the truth of who she is he feels his mind is playing tricks on him Unable to forc. It is truly daunting to write this review I feel like it may be one of the toughest yet most important one I ve ever written It is very intimidating to follow up this story with letters that create words that create sentences that depict my thoughts It s tough because I m doing it in response to letters that create words that create sentences that depict this author s ability to put pen to a page and knock your world off its axis This author weaves a literary miracle that has blessed my heart soulThe first time I read Fading earlier in the summer I finished with satisfaction I knew I adored Ryan Candace Jase Mark but it wasn t until a few weeks later after reading a string of forgettable books in the genre that I decided to read it again I noticed countless small moments of significance that I missed in my first read I read very fast and sometimes regret that wishing I had will power to savor the books that are etched on my soul With Fading it took than one read to realize it was permanently burned in my heart When Freeing was released I was beyond excited but also nervous Nervous for the author having to deal with any backlash from publishing a love story with the main characters being gay I was nervous that the seuel or follow up couldn t hold a candle to the debut I devoured their story was over the moon to have all my fears obliteratedNext came the uninhibited anguish while waiting for Falling Ryan Campbell is the absolute essence of perfection to me Every book boyfriend I have is a tortured soul with a damaged past who does NOT want to fall in love but does so against his will I think when you peel back the intricate fabric of Ryan s heart you see clearly that though he has that same broken spirit from his harrowing past that he NEVER hesitated to love her He chose to do so from the first moment of their time together He viewed loving her not just as his privilege but as his salvation Even when she refused to acknowledge what his presence in her life meant to her That is when I understood Ryan couldn t casually be compared to my other Book Boyfirends He is my Book Soul Mate This is the ultimate story of The Giving Tree but it isn t until you read Falling that you realize Ryan isn t the only Tree Candace gives Ryan every ounce of love happiness a life to begin living just as much as he saves her from herself They aren t the only characters that become The Giving Tree Grace Jesus there are no words for her importance and kindness She is the perfect counterpoint to Ryan to pull Candace back to the land of the living Jase honestly who wouldn t donate their vital organs happily to have him as a constant in their lives Mark his importance is the happiness acceptance he brings Jase Which in turn brings that happiness to both Candace the readersI ve anxiously awaited several seuels of late to be heartbroken with the results and not only with the newest release but also because it tainted its predecessor for me as well I was a bit terrified to read Falling and be let down but most afraid of it altering the way I feel about Fading Freeing I can not express how grateful blissfully happy I am that Falling surpassed both its companions for me The start of the book is slow Mostly because of your anticipation of him meeting Candace Yet I felt strongly that I needed to devour every word and relish it to be in the full moment of the story At 37% I wanted to punch Ryan for being so blind At 50% I was doing the full fledged ugly cry From that point the story boldly picks up pace There is plenty of retelling of events of Fading Freeing but I was gratified immensely by how much new information back stories we never knew or suspected and behind the scenes drama taking place I previously thought Fading ended at the perfect point While reading Falling I surpassed the part where fading ended I was mentally chastising myself How could I have ever thought that was where the story should end This history is paramount to the whole story yet the previous was written so well WITHOUT A VILE CLIFFHANGER that the reader was just left with their HEA Who knew there could be so much to their HEA than where it left off Yet without feeling like convoluted fillerI am forever indebted to the master of this masterpiece for her inspiration and courage to tell these stories The only thing I would disagree with her on is where she says in her acknowledgements that though Candace Ryan Jase Mark aren t real people she loves them Here s where I disagree They are real will forever have a part of my heart 5 stars seems like a bit of an insult because I have rated other books with 5 stars before not many but a few This one deserves a whole new ranking system to honor it my opinionJust FYI to any skeptics I do NOT know this author I purchased my own copy There was no exchange for an honest review It just is a totally honest review Today s read makes 7 times now

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The conclusion to the USA Today bestselling seriesThis book can be read first in the seriesSometimes it takes someone else to show us what we are truly capable of becomingSuffering from years of violent abuse Ryan Campbell has learned how to keep people from getting too close But when you shut. After reading FADING reading FALLING from Ryan s POV was a bonus It was good to see Ryan s side of story as he was fighting too from his demons The ending i though would be same as FADING but from Ryan s POV but EKBlair extended the ending in this book and its awesomeI really really loved this ending

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    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review First and foremost it is highly advised that readers must read Fading first Falling is told in Ryan Campbell POV It mainly focuses on events which have occurred in Fadin

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    Ryan's story in his POVI didn't finish this one Absolutely no one is at fault but me I'm impatient hot tempered and snarky and Ms Blair's books are known to build up intensity little by little Again this is an excellent book but based

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    After reading FADING reading FALLING from Ryan's POV was a bonus It was good to see Ryan's side of story as he was fighting too from his demons The ending i though would be same as FADING but from Ryan's POV but EKBlair extended the ending in this book and its awesomeI really really loved this ending

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    THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTI'm sure she can hear my heart pounding but I need her to hear it I need her to feel it as it thuds in my chest because I need her to hear me falling for her 'cause that's what's happening here I'm fallingThis may be a love story but it is full of heartache and broken pie

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    It is truly daunting to write this review I feel like it may be one of the toughest yet most important one I've ever writ

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    It was very good I liked it even than in the previous booksAlthough I knew that the story of this book It was still interesting and good “You will never have to doubt your place in this world again because I swea

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    Falling Fading #2 by EK Blair5 stars“cause that’s what's happening here – I’m falling I never wanted to before but with her all I want to do is fall Fall into her Fall so deep inside of her heart so that I never have to be without her”This journey was an unexpected one it started with the cover of Fading a cover

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    Review posted at Swept Away By Romance5 Stars and I wish I could give Sometimes a book reaches inside grabs ahold of your heart and will not let go For me this perfectly describes my experience with Fading Freeing and now Falling Now

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    This series was really annoying the author had written about three topics that would draw your attention rape abuse and coming out I think she has only used those topics to get readers there is nothing that stands out in her novels they are full of unrealistic boring details and All three books are telling the same freaking story with the

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    Unnecessarily long and slow at some parts but over all enjoyable Ryan is amazing and I love himMy favorite couple remain being Jase

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