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Novel 117000 wordsGenres Historical Fantasy Erotic ActionAdventure Polyamory LGBTGSMWith the captain’s mind in shambles Jon and Tom set out to find the passage home through the black mountain range hoping to find a. YesA million times YES Their relationship would continue to grow to change There would always be pain and they would be tested Their triad had the shakiest of foundations based as it was on mistrust jealousy and deception But ships didn t need pillars pounded into the earth no they needed strong protective hulls that could carry them over the ever changing waves of an uncaring sea With trust hope love all things they had built together they could weather anything I hereby give this series ALL of the stars I expected great things from the third book in the Baal s Heart series and I was not disappointedBloggers don t always have the luxury of reading exactly what they want when they want We ve got schedules and deadlines to stick to and I take that shit seriously So understand how enthralled I am by this series when I tell you I dropped everything to read this bookI tried to stick to my schedule but these characters were tempting me away from prior obligations I gave in to temptation and I am so very glad that I didThis book is flawlessly written The characters are extraordinaryThe plot line is grippingThe details are gorgeousIf you re looking for hackneyed and campy stories of sex and piracy you won t find them in the world Bey Deckard has created What you will find is a brilliant series which bends the genres of Action Adventure Historical Romance and Erotica LoveLustFateMadnessRedemptionJON Oh they would probably die but he d die knowing Baltsaros s heart and that warmed him like nothing else Jon has has grown up so much of the course of this series Miles away literally figuratively from where he started in the first book In Caged Love and Treachery on the High Seas Jon was kidnapped and imprisoned on a pirate ship He was weak and sickly and oh so innocentWhen we begin our journey in Fated Blood and Redemption Jon is Captain of Baal s Heart with Tom as his First Mate and Baltsaros is locked in the infamous cage inside the Captain s uarters My how times have changed Jon s struggle to maintain the respect of his crew is second only to his struggle to maintain a sense of morality when it s so easy to rule with fear and deathJon worries for Baltsaros and is lucky to have Tom by his side as they sail homeTOM His rebellious soul the true pain he rarely let surface the memories that burned like a prison in his heart all of it fell away when Baltsaros stripped him of control It was like losing the fight but winning the battle it was defeat and love and courage and need Tom felt himself relax into it The man we ve come to know as eternally affable is slowly slipping away Tom worries about the darkest parts of Jon exposing themselves as the young man embraces this life of piracy He worries that Baltsaros may never be the man he once was The two men he has grown to love are being pulled away from him by violence and madnessTom s past is told throughout this book in flashbacks which shed light on his relationship with Baltsaros Those memories from Tom s past told though both Baltsaros and Tom s POV were wonderfully enlightening and beautifully incorporated into the narrative flashbacks are tricky but Bey Deckard has mastered the artBALTSAROS A man lost in his own brain he had to dive into open wounds and strange waters to find his way through the burnt labyrinth In the previous book in the series Sacrificed Heart Beyond the Spires Baltsaros had a delicate grip on his sanity He was fighting against his bloodlust and looking for salvation Unfortunately his search landed him in a twisted prison which stripped him of his humanity Jon and Tom managed save his broken body from the Emperor s prison but Baltsaros the man the elouent predatory whip smart sea captain was completely eclipsed by the murderous animal hidden within his psycheIt was a tumbling violent fall from grace which was fascinating to read and kept me on the edge of my seat His fight to regain his own mind was every bit as rivetingMadnessThe former Captain s lucid moments are few and far between broken both mentally and physically his violent outbursts put the entire crew in dangerWith Jon at the helm and a weary Tom at his side as Fist Mate it s a race to get Baal s Heart back to the island of Madierus where Baltsaros might find the time and sanctuary to healLust The Heart picked up several new crew members and passengers before leaving Ereme ia Balor One such crew member Saban has attracted the attention of both Tom and Jon We fist met the former Balorian slave when Tom broke his arm in a fight at the inn There s no hard feelings between the two men in fact there s a heated attraction growing between themSaban becomes the unofficial nursemaid to the ailing Baltsaros as The Heart sets sail and the big man s proximity lands him in than a few voyeuristic situations inside the Captain s uarters As though our favorite pirate threesome needed yet another obstacle wrapped in lust and jealousy to overcomeFateA connection between Jon and the ueen is revealed one which sheds light on how Baltsaros became aware of the young man s talents in the first place We learn of the events leading to Jon s kidnapping and the battle which led Baltsaros to his decision to find Jon and bring him aboard The HeartThe foreboding images in Jon s dreams are increasing in intensity and he knows better than to ignore his instincts after all his metaphor laced dreams warned him of the dangers in Ereme ia Balor and we all saw what happened when those warnings were ignoredAs if the poor boy wasn t worried enough a card reader tells Jon his future and the troubling images of her reading leaves him reeling Jon is set on edge by her accuracy and becomes obsessed with attempting to decipher her prophesiesRedemptionAs Captain Balsaros works toward returning to sanity he is forced to confront many long burried memories The root cause of his life long affair with blood lust is revealed and the decision is made to return to his origins and set right the wrongs of his pastIt s one adventure on the high seas for Baal s Heart one which will have lasting effects no matter the outcomeI m sure I could go on and on about this lovely book but I ll leave you hereI HIGHLY recommend reading this seriesThis not the last word we ll hear from this elaborate world of pirates and lust Bey Deckard will be releasing a book about Saban in the near future I m also in the process of bribing him with rum and virgin sacrifices in the hopes that we ll check back in with my three favorite pirates eventuallyPretty pleaseWith puppies on top

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E three togetherFollowing on the heels of Sacrificed Fated takes the pirates on a uest to find those responsible for the captain’s bloody beginnings But can they survive what awaits them where past and present meet. Fascinating story complex characters intense action sweet and kinky lovethis story had it all My interest was kept the whole way through and I dreaded reaching the endPirate life is not for the faint hearted though and I cringed a few times while reading Conseuences of past mistakes led to unfortunate situations and although I understood the decisions that were made I hated that any of it happened in the first placeHowever the dark times did move the story forward and provided opportunities for reflection and growth They were also nicely balanced by the rest of this intriguing story especially the sweet loving and steamy times Scenes that made me smile And suirm Omgthe neediness in Tom after days of chastity fans self and rope play sighTom was beautiful in his submission There were crazy times but through everything that happened there was awesome relationship development between all three MCs Support patient understanding and determination kept things on trackHah Patiencethat was something I needed while reading this story I had so many uestions and I often had to wait for the answers No continuity issues just a slow reveal of information sometimes in the form of flashbacks At times those flashbacks were abrupt and caused some confusion but the history revealed added so much to the story I loved getting that background it helped me understand the characters that much and gave their relationships even layers of complexityI couldn t help but think this would make an amazing movie An epic pirate adventure and love story focusing on the redemption of an anti hero pirate captainSide noteSo excited for Saban s story Note A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewPreviously reviewed on

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Cure for Baltsaros’s madness However when the men are forced to part ways darkness takes root in the schism created; fate lust and vengeance become obsessions threatening to tear apart the fragile bonds holding th. Baal s Heart is definitely one of my favorite mm series Sexy pirates in dangerous situations having smoky hot sex YES PLEASEDue to Baltsaros madness Jon became captain of Baal s heart and has to take difficult decisions in order to bring the ship out of the dangers that their travel brought apon them Fearing for Baltsaros health the relationship between all three men turns out to be difficult but they aren t willing to give up what they had Fated Blood and Redemption is an extremely entertaining read The balance between romance and suspense was very well done The pirates of Baal s Heart had to face lots of difficult sitations Jon Tom and Baltsaros were all going through a lot of pain and I just wans t able to put this book down Once again Deckard s writing style pulled me right in I love the way he is integration flashbacks and dreams into his tale and his world building is very interessting Considering the fact that Fated is a historical mm romance about pirates I wasn t always sure if all the words were chosen correctly in a historical perspective but it didn t bother me at all Just like in the two parts before the secondary characters were very interesting I loved reading about old characters but I really fell in love with Saban one of the man they saved in the second part The dynamics between Saba Jon and Tom were so hot and I saw myself waiting for I m so curious to read about his story I CAN T WAIT This third part answeres a lot of uestions We learn about the reason for Baltsaros madness about his desire for vengance and about how the beginning of Tom s and Baltsaros relationship The character development felt credible and I would love to read about them luckily the author mentioned visiting them in the future 4 stars

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    YesA million times YES Their relationship would continue to grow to change There would always be pain and they would be tested Thei

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    UmI hated it jk It had all the things Loved it One of my faves for the year GROUP REVIEW with a couple of unicorns Nearly a year ago I got to meet Bey Deckard's pirates Jon Tom and Baltsaros These three men were damaged cutthroat vulnerable sexy and had one hell of a story to tell The story telling was vivid the uality was superb Book #1 Caged cemented itself on my 2014 favorites list I wouldn't shut up about it Blabbed to everyone to read

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    I loved the three main characters they were very endearing even through their individual trials and tribulations Each were damaged differentl

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    Peeks out from Pirate LandAhoy Matey I’ve been in Pirate Land for the week tearing through this Baal’s Heart series I just finished the sp

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    I've held off reviewing this for a couple days to give it a fair shake Y'see I binge watched all of Black Sails while reading this I know it's not fair to compare the two but which is why I took some time to digest Black Sails is bursting at t

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    Baal's Heart is definitely one of my favorite mm series Sexy pirates in dangerous situations having smoky hot sex YES PLEASEDue to Baltsaros' madness Jon became captain of Baal's heart and has to take difficult decisions

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    Fascinating story complex characters intense action sweet and kinky lovethis story had it all My interest was kept the whole way through and I dreaded reaching the endPirate life is not for the faint hearted though and I cr

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    ★★★★★ 1 3I'm going to do one review for all three books because I read them all this week and couldn't put them down to do an individual review but they were 5 ★★★★★ for me as a wholeFrom the first book when Jon watches the pirate ship sail into the harbor his adventure and new life begins Handsome pirate Baltsaros lives with secrets and lies and Jon affects him like no other Strong damaged

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    A story about beginnings and ends about illogical things that seem to make sense about rational things that don't about mistakes and their conseuences about trust and hope about struggle and surrender about madness that calls to madness The last book in the trilogy is dark violent tender and full of heart Fate will find a way—Virgil

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    Oh heck yeah Fated Blood and Redemption is everything I was hoping for and in the final installment of the Baal’s Heart series Thank you Bey Deckard for the hottest dirtiest pirates for the intrigue and deception the swashbuckling adventure and all the love and hot kinky sex as only you can write it The clima