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Interspecies breeding of a young woman by a group of sexy mermen This is not a romance This is dirty nasty monster sex You have been warned All characters are 18 or olderWe came to a new chamber a deep shaft in the volcano open to the distant sky filled with submerged statues grown over with auatic plants The vigorous jerking of the merman's torso eased into a gentle ripple his breakneck pace slowing to a drift and as we decelerated his muscular body began undulating rhythmically against my backI felt something smooth and rubbery slide between my upper thig.

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Forced to Mate with the Mermen

HsThe touch was unmistakably sensual and my body responded with a shiver of horror I hoped that it was something innocuous like a fin but a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach suggested otherwise I tried to free my arms straining with all my might against his inhuman strength but I was only exhausting myselfWhen I finally relented to catch my breath I felt a tremor course through his body His arms relaxed slightly and then I felt something like a deliberate caressThe touch was too intimate to be anything but the first stroke of an attempted sexual conuest.

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Daros Island is rud to be cursed but that doesn't stop Nerida from plundering the merfolk temple in pursuit of the fabled Conch of Asabanal When her plan goes awry the unlucky tomb raider uickly discovers that the only way she's going to get out alive is with a merman's baby in her belly The temple guardians are only too happy to punish Nerida's nubile fertile body for her crimesThis 7800 word erotic fantasy adventure includes a rough reluctant underwater gangbang with oral sex cunnilingus deep penetration double penetration and the forced impregnation and.

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    Clea Kinderton’s “Mounted and Bred by the Mermen” is like the adventures of Lara Croft if Lara Croft live

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    I don't like swimming in the sea FOR GOOD REASON So next time people ask me why I don't I will refer to this book