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Hameful secret wear off overwhelming unimaginable need will take hold of me I'm an omega about to go into heat and I know what comes nextBut I'm not the only one with instincts far beyond my control Alphas roam this wilderness savage men driven by their very nature to claim me fiercely than I can imagine paying. Disappointing started well and then just became a smutfest What happened to having a storyline I think i will stick with Addison Cain

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Frenzy The Omegaborn Trilogy #1

In the city I belonged to no one Here in the wild I'm an omega for a pack to claimInside the walls I was a respected scientist Out here I'm vulnerable desperate and soon to be at the mercy of the beasts and barbarians who rule these harsh lands But that is not the worst of itWhen the suppressants that keep my s. If your favorite part of the Omegaverse genre is mmmf menage and the sextravaganzas than ignore my rating and give this book a go I m looking for Omegaverse books with interesting well developed worlds This book started out with promise In this universe there are AlphasBetasOmegas who suppress their biological nature by breathing in air circulated suppressants in their Dome The heroine Raven is a researcher working on a new suppressant that will be effective for years This will allow people to travel outside the Dome without fear of succumbing to their natural biological roles The author included an interesting backstory as to how their biological roles changed and mutated Outside the Dome is the Wilds where Raven and her fellow researcher Alix are trying to find a plant that will help create the new suppressant They re attacked and their current suppressants destroyed Isolated in the Wilds without their suppressants both fall victim to their biological urges I actually found this part interesting So far so good Then comes along Wolfe and Ivan who belong to one of the tribes in the Wilds The way they re described made me laughIvan long blonde hair swayed in the breeze shiny and thick and for a moment I yearned to touch it He wasn t wearing a shirt just a pair of leather rawhide pants and a corded necklace that was long enough to settle on his upper bellyHis body was painted with tattoosHis body spoke of raw power tense and strong and ready to do whatever he needed to do to claim me as his Wolfe His thick chocolate brown hair was pulled up into a tight knot on the back of his headA beard lined his chin cheek was brushed with black paint three fingers drawn across the right side of his face So we have one guy with long blonde hair leather pants with a long necklace Very hippy dippy Then his brother sporting a man bun with a hipster beard The face paint was a nice touch It s just so goofy and the story becomes goofier Slight SpoilerThere are giant albatrosses that the three Alphas fly on to rescue Raven Touching the giant albatross allows for psychic communication I place my hand on the side of his face and my skin vibrated with a uiet but powerful rumble of magic It nice to meet you Alix of Tharia Thornclaw said and I lifted my eyes toward his with wonder Incredible I whispered These are my sons Razorbeak and Stormwing They are young and strong he replied and I nodded my head in thanks Lol The author gets an extra star for creativity Overall I thought the idea was interesting but the execution came across as amateurish and silly The writing style is not good The author fell into the trap of using too many adjectives Lots of spelling and grammar mistakes I m not a stickler myself I make grammar mistakes all the time I m not a writer selling books on though this book really needs an editor This book was frustrating because I did find aspects about the world interesting it had potential The story devolves into a porn without plot book and becomes all about the frenzy of their biological urges The characters lack depth or complexity The book ends abruptly after a foursome I also wish the descriptions of the animals monsters and tribal people weren t so wacky If you re looking for a uick smutty Omegaverse read with mmmf this book has it There s even a little bit of world building and history intertwined but don t expect too much

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No heed to my screams as one brutal climax after another is ripped from my helplessly willing bodyIt won't be long now and when the mating starts it will be nothing short of a frenzyPublisher's Note Frenzy includes spankings and rough intense sexual scenes If such material offends you please don't buy this boo. THREE ALPHAS ONE OMEGAHaving read many Omegaverse books I will have to say I freaking loved this one Dr Raven Kelley along with her team including Alix will leave the protective and drug enhanced suppressors to travel to the wilds to obtain a plant she needs in her research What happens when their steamship goes down and during the night they are attacked Only Raven and Alix will survive and while they will have food and water the suppressor they need will be destroyed They have twelve to twenty four hours and then nature will take hold Civilized people didn t do this I loved how Alix and Raven try to fight off what is inevitable knowing they won t win the battle and how when they do give in it is intense They are still reeling from the loss of their security team knowing that danger is still present and fighting off the urges that are taking hold of both of them Raised in a protective society that hides rankings of alpha beta or omega it doesn t take long for the alpha Alix to realize that Raven is an omega and he needs to find them a safe shelter because nature is going to take its course Who would have thought that fate would have brought Raven and me together like this Raven was mine It was my right as her alpha and now she was going to learn what it meant to be my omega His gaze was dark his eyes wild He looked hungry ravenous even and I didn t know what to do tensing with anxiety He sat there his chest heaving up and down in an effort to contain himself He was ready to mate and he was staring at me his eyes dark and fully dilated His gaze was wild and dangerous and worst of all I found it entirely seductive My mouth went dry as he pulled me back onto his lap I tried to wrench myself away but he wouldn t let me How dare you run from me omega Even now I can smell you slick You deny me my right to claim you as an alpha but even your body knows your true master You will give yourself to me You re not going to have a choice You will submit omega In time you will learn Until then you ll be punished You re mine omega Forever Oh but that is only a small part of the story throw in two other alphas brothers Wolfe and Ivan and they smell her too and follow her scent even willing to fit Alix for her Convincing Alix that he isn t the only alpha she needs with her encouragement will have her mating all three alphas each marking her and forming a deeper bond It won t be safe for Raven and Alix to return to the dome city and joining Wolfe and Ivan at their pack is the only smart thing to do it will keep Raven safe or will it How far will these three alphas go to keep their mate their omega safeThe story will take on life and death danger deceit rivalry kidnapping and revenge The story is a claiming a possession and has several spanking scenes rough sex by dubious consent and m nage scenes As in Omegaverse stories the alphas form knots and are very dominant men and omegas are meeker and submissive Ms Sara Fields created a page turning Omegaverse world with mystery suspense and intrigue

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    4 fuck fest STARSMy first read from Sara Fields and it got me like what in the fresh hell? Dark Omegaverse Reverse Harem PERFECT COMBO FRENZY is a crazy wild ride that you wouldn't want to stopFor many years after The Great War people 'live' inside the dome with the help from suppressant to against their nature

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    Wild Chaotic and Out of ControlWhat happens when exposure to a treatment repressing your primal sexual instincts is suddenly removed? the novel “Frenzy” of course Professionally written and extremely fast paced this dark dystopian reverse harem romance is impossible to put down In this alternate reality human sexuality is artificially suppressed within the sealed off city and the only means of procreation is via test tubes A f

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    If your favorite part of the Omegaverse genre is mmmf menage and the sextravaganzas than ignore my rating and giv

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    Disappointing started well and then just became a smutfest What happened to having a storyline? I think i will stick with Addison Cain

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    EhhMaybe I missed the point but this book just sucked It was intriguing at first then it slowly took a dive off a cliff I would in no way refer to this as a romance In fact if this is what anyone would call a “romance” I’d eat my socks I have no problem with “ dark romance “ as long as it’s consensua

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    I've never read anything like this before but it was recommended to me by a friend so I gave it a whirl It's not my cuppa Rough sex is one thing but I just canwill never appreciate women being treated like idiot

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    THREE ALPHAS—ONE OMEGAHaving read many Omegaverse books I will have to say; I freaking loved this one Dr Raven Kelley along with her team including Alix will leave the protective and drug enhanced suppressors to

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    This is Omegaverse if you don’t know what it is please take the time to look it up before you judge this book It may not be everyon

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    Frenzy is a stand alone romance set with an Omegaverse setting so please see the warnings Raven is a top scientist working to discover a way to make a lasting inhibitor to their animalistic urges But her mission into the wilds has gone wrong and now Raven and Alix her colleague and friend are stranded with no inhibitor Raven is an omega something she’s always hidden and Alix is all alpha What will happen when Raven g

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    My my myThis is an extra steamyhot read at last an omegaverse reverse harem with no sword crossingsJust in case the following is spoilerishAt the beginning of the book we see the two main characters Raven and Alix leaving the domed city to the jungle in order to search a plant to help them create a permanent suppressant against the biological urges of the humans living in the domed cities you have to read the book if you want to know why

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