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Teenage recruit infiltrate the inner workings of the gang and save the capital's streets from another traged.


Ganglands Russia

Trojan Industries are in Russia and there's a new gang in their sights Eagles 88 a twisted group of Neo Nazi.

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Extremists are terrorizing the streets of Moscow attacking innocent civilians Can Alexi Zukov Trojan's latest.

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    I loved this booked tge way it's written and the story as well Definitely will recommend it This book represents the far right ideology in Russia but I can tell that it applies on all the far right people all over the world Through reading you can see tge struggling of immigrants and how they are treated just because they are immigrants This social conflit still going on

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    I was thumbing through my TBR shelf when I wanted a uick read and landed on this book I had been eyeing this book off for a while but I was always putting a different book ahead of it but I thought 'screw it' I want to read this nowI

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    uite crap Relatively well researched but really poorly written