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    Let's talk about pornography It's come a long away baby And—oops—gotten some in your hair One thing's for sure it's certainly graduated from its niche status as the pastime of oily pervy Buddy Hackett types to become

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    This is a difficult book to review because while I didn't like it I did learn a lot from it about the industry Sadly the book itself

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    A really intense raw account of Orianna's adventures in porn that is as hardcore as it gets There is a lot of human ugliness in this book and its not all from porn a lot of it involves romantic relationships As someone who appreciates the gro

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    Frightening what the human body is capable of A sad look at the low self esteem of these 'stars' and the need to be completely off their heads on drugs to go through with what they do on camera Fascinating read

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    Oriana Small is a big talent as a writer And one of great charm as well And it is unusual for me to find great charm in the world of Porn Nevertheless Girlvert is a journey into the heart of the valley San Fernando Valley to be exact the headua

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    I've read a number of these porn performer memoirs and they are a mixed bag This one was uite well written certainly better written than Insatiable Porn A Love Story for example However it was really difficult to read because the author goes in to extreme detail about many many degrading sexual acts Now I need a shower

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    I wasn't sure how to rate this It's always hard for me to rate memoirs because it feels weird to evaluate such a personal story I admire and appreciate anyone who is willing to expose themselves by writing a boo

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    Fascinating bookI've always been very liberal regarding porn and people who want to work in the sex industry Everybody has the right to choose what to do with their bodiesBut the interesting thing here is throughout the authors rec

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    Being human is an inherently ugly and attractive ordeal Pornography is an inherently ugly and attractive occupation So why is Oriana Small the only seasoned insider to have the ovaries to tell it like it is in the sugarcoated wasteland of wannabe Hollywood glamour pap andor tunnel visioned remorse sans responsibi

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    I was really surprised by this book I picked it up because it is the first book from a new publishing company I'm interested in run

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To agony GIRLVERT illuminates the surreality of a life lived beyond all comprehensionIf Hemingway had been a porn star this is how he would have written The Nervous Breakdown Oriana Small has pushed herself to the outermost extremes of what the b Oriana Small is a big talent as a writer And one of great charm as well And it is unusual for me to find great charm in the world of Porn Nevertheless Girlvert is a journey into the heart of the valley San Fernando Valley to be exact the headuarters that is everything PornI used to work on Sherman Way in Reseda in the 80 s and I would see many of the sex club workers porn actors and actresses as well as all the other by products of that field and era Boogie Nights captures that time place and period uite well and Girlvert also gives me a birds eye view of porn filming and living Although the world in the book takes place in the 21st Century it still seems very 80 s like Some things never changeOriana Small is a porn actress who goes by the name of Ashley Blue and appeared in hundreds of films One becomes numb reading one sex act after another but the tedious aspect of such a life is so well developed by Small s talent as a memoir writer She is only 29 at the time of writing this book and yet wise way beyond her years In her glory period as a porn actress she was very much focused on the moment and the book comments on the need to stay stoned or in some sort of high What struck me interesting is that it can be any type of job where you have to perform and the strain of keeping that lifestyle or drug use up just to make it to the next day or even moment is a fascinating process Her lifestyle becomes bizarre in the sense that she couldn t fully see the big picture but the details were being focused but only for that moment or two Therefore due to the drinkingdrug input and just having a great deal of cash around the focus is only for the next 12 hours or soSmall specialize in doing all the hard core porn performances and her approach to doing these scenes are interesting in that she is always rebelling something out of her past Her family life was messed up and that is totally not out of the norm but she had to do something to make a mark on this world And at that time it was her talent to do porn And porn is an interesting medium because there is something else being played out besides the erotica or the erotic impulse The power shift between the partners being filmed or directed A lot of it is just to produce a product to sell but there is also an art to it as well But one can watch these films as a weird fantasy land where one acts out their sexualviolent impulses or is it a world that is designed by the producersactorsdirector or how much imput does it come from its viewersaudience There is a mechanical aspect of porn that leaves me numb but then again may be the numb part is an aesthetic of some sortFor her Girvert film series she sees herself as as a performance artist Small has no regrets for the life she had lived and still does in a sense by working with her talented porn directorphotographer Dave Naz because she sees it as an uniue life experience This is not a book of woe but of a personal journey into an uniue and very specialized world Porn in general is boring but when you have a character you care about or find interesting or at times the way it s shot it is something else above the average viewing of bodies mixing together Also the design work on this book is top notch Its a beauty of a production and Oriana Small fits in pefectly with the elegence of the design As a writer I think we will read her works for many years to come

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Ody and mind are capable of all before turning thirty years old and now she's made it an authentic read for the rest of us to marvel at elevating the depravity and denial inherent in the pornographic arts to a singular literary experience James Fr Fascinating bookI ve always been very liberal regarding porn and people who want to work in the sex industry Everybody has the right to choose what to do with their bodiesBut the interesting thing here is throughout the authors recounting of her experiences in porno she very much expresses that she was in charge the power lay with her she made all of the decisions And yet as you read it you realise how much this young woman has been raped and abused and forced into thingsBut because she loved the abusers forcing her to do things it was okay it seemed like it was her choice and she was therefore fine with itI mean the catalogue of abuse when she s first getting into porn being egged on by her abusive controlling boyfriend who she loved and would do anything for including essentilaly being raped is really hard to read And it raised the uestion is it still rape if she gets a handful of money thrown down next to her afterwards To which yes Of courseBut is it rape if the victim doesn t call it rapeAnd it really left me uestioning the nature of free will in all of this The author clearly thought she had free will and was acting under own agency and not that of her abusive boyfriends the abusive system the copious drugs and drink but do I think she had free will I don t think I doSo whose world view wins out here Was it abuse Wasn t it abuse I just don t know

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Proclaimed girl pervert Oriana Small AKA Ashley Blue a veritable artist at heart weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry love drugs and her own firebrand of what it means to live ecstatically From accolades This is a difficult book to review because while I didn t like it I did learn a lot from it about the industry Sadly the book itself was a failure in many ways Starting off with the writing while the author is not without some talent in setting some scene and describing some pretty gross situations the fundamentals seem shaky Often this comes across as a blog describing a series of events and all the drugs that went into making them happen Too often she tries to show everything and the parade of physical and psychological abuse is never interspersed with appropriate context At the heart of the problem is that the story does not develop the characters do not grow the experience stop giving insight into anything It s a memoir without the necessary reflection to tie the pieces of life into a coherent wholeAnd therein lies the greater problem I think the narrator does not have enough self reflection to make this story worth than the sum of its parts It occasionally dips into the past psychological reasoning ethical dilemmas or philosophical uandaries about pornography however too often these come as asides or rhetorical uestions asked in the dark Oriana has a lot of trauma to deal with as well as a lot of joy but all I got out of it was an endless stream of drugs and disappointment Additionally the character portrays herself very passively throughout asserting most of the decisions were made by men in her life While this may be accurate it takes a way both personal responsibility but so an active protagonist I have read a great deal on torture and even people who spend years of their life dominated by others finds ways to perceive themselves as actors in their own livesThere s an incredible lack of empathy in this book and a vast amount of jealously which goes unaddressed She often speak poorly of prostitutes and a few pages later proclaims pornography as an art form but there is never reasoning or justification just blank assertions She also finds ways to criticize all other perverts Real Sex Types or too old which comes across as trying to act cool and assert dominance when a truly open person would be able to examine others and write them intelligently as oppose to group and dismiss them I found some parts of the book troubling not so much because they were disturbing but because they were ignored or celebrated She mentions her eating disorder but she also spends several pages celebrating it Also her risky driving is mentioned which bothers me as it is written as self destructive even though it could easily have led to the death of many innocent lives but she only discuss her car wrecks in passing What is most troubling however is the abrupt ending She spends 300 pages basically learning nothing from her experiences and saying as much and then kicks drugs and alcohol and marries someone and starts a wonderful life This needed examination Kicking drugs and alcohol is difficult A person who does this should discuss the struggle especially after pages and pages of repetitive scenes as it would add diversity and some sense of overcoming an obstacle Instead it is written in a way that makes it seem that the only reason it was possible was because she found another man I think this does her a disservice by undermining her own strength but it also makes it seem like she didn t actually change at all and that she can only improve if the person she is co dependent with wants her too If that is the case this is a very sad tale indeed