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At my body I’ve worn the shortest cut off jean shorts I have and a skimpy turuoise halter top to show off my legs and my large breasts Apparently he appreciates it He’s still gazing at my bodyI sit in the chair next to him and yawn and stretch deliberately pushing Secrets of a Creativity Coach pushing

FREE READ Hiding the Affair from Mom Stepdaughter Confessions #2

Hiding the Affair from Mom Stepdaughter Confessions #2

My chest out as I do “So what do you want to do today” I say“Shut up” he says with a laughLike we don’t know what we are going to do Have sex As alwaysThis is Story #2 of the Stepdaughter Confessions seriesLength Short Story 3400 words approx 10 printed page Building Organizational Intelligence printed All You Need Is Less page

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College girl Olivia is having an affair with her stepdad Rick Mom comes home from a trip early and almost catches them in the act They have to be creative to find a way to have sex without her knowingExcerptHe smiles up at me “Olivia” he says He glances up and down

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