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Home of the Ashfall is another delightful engaging read from John Jack G Wigley who gave us Falling Into A Manhole This memoir starts with the author's getting lost and ends with his finding home the sacred space where he finds joy and fulfillment Between getting lost and finding hom. i want to read the complete essay of home of the ashfall

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Home of the Ashfall

S Jack Wigley is not only a gifted raconteur who can keep you turning the pages but one with a high level of self awareness who compels you to pause time and again no matter how much you want to know what happens next to savor his insights and reflect Do yourself a favor read this bo. Nice

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E Wigley's uest takes us to all liminal regions places in the world and places of the heart that shaped him making the journey emotional as well He makes us laugh at his own foibles weep over his narratives of loss and betrayal hope that life gets better because his did and still doe. OKAY

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    I have to agree with Kuya Patrick's review this book indeed is very short for its very heartfelt contentI've cried only once over a book and that was for Louis de Bernieres' Corelli's Mandolin and I was not prepared to sh

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    I have to say as entertaining as this book is it's still too short I wish it was longer

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    i want to read the complete essay of home of the ashfall

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    It was a short but heart felt memoir this was one of my reasons why i took up my course and when i am experiencing writers block i will always try to remember the things in here got a copy from one of my books in senior high before must read

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    So good

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    because read

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    i just want to read the story about home of the ashfall

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    Do i have to buy it to read? I Can't read sorry

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