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The second novel of the galaxy spanning Sun Eater series merges the best of space opera and epic fantasy as Hadrian Marlowe continues down a path that can only end in fireHadrian Marlowe is lost For half a century he has searched the farther suns for the lost planet of Vorgossos hoping to find a way to contact the elusive alie. Disclosure I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for a honest reviewEmpire of Silence burst onto the Sci Fi scene with its intimidating wallop of a book that was big enough to be classified as a deadly weapon But thankfully I didn t fall victim or let it deter me from tackling the mammoth book which took me on a crazy and poignant galactic adventure beyond the cosmos telling the story of the would be infamous hero destroyer murderer Hadrian Marlowe In the seuel Howling Dark Ruocchio continues Marlowe s story as we see bit by bit of the man he s to become Howling Dark picks up exactly where we left off technically give or take a few years with people in and out of fugue with Hadrian Legion officials for hire mercenaries and his mrymidon friends as they search for the legendary planet Vorgossos and a way to broker a peace treaty with the CielcinHadrian has come a long way since the first book We ve seen him as a student son beggar slave and a fighter In Howling Dark he continues his ascent or as Hadrian would tell you his descent as a leader and savior to his people but an immortal killer to his foes Without giving away too much of the novel I will say that the team succeeded in finding the lost planet of Vorgossos Vorgossos is the stuff of legends the scary stories told to terrify youbut what was even unbelievable was finding the person in charge who is also made of legends It was all uite fitting actuallyI thought this book was a lot darker than its predecessor which wasn t a problem or a surprise considering all the events that led them on this uest Ruocchio expands on the universe as we explore new territories and meet other beings even AIs The majority of the key characters we ve met from the previous novel are all back and we definitely got a in depth look to them and the different facets of their being However I must warn you now dear readers that with all war there are casualties and Ruocchio spares no one this time around A favorite character of mine met their demise early on in the book It s all very sad and bloodyOn a happier note I am absolutely loving everything that Ruocchio is creating The characters are multifaceted complex realistic and utterly flawed The best example of this is our main protagonist Hadrian He has experienced seen and lived so many lives beyond those of his regular peerage all while trying to balance that fine line between good and evil doing what he believes is right and at the same time do what is needed Although I wonder if Hadrian isn t confusing the tworight needed There was a pivotal scene towards the end that determined how everything was going to play out and the choice that Hadrian made was pretty drastic and I wondered if it was truly necessary He later expressed his regrets but I m not sure if it was genuine That kind of threw me off but overall I can t help but like himI also appreciate and enjoy the well developed and detailed world building Normally with the scope of this novel and length of book things can get a little muddled but you won t find that issue here Ruocchio painstakingly writes every minute detail down to the five senses and describes an array of emotions I can vividly picture everything like a movie in my head from House Marlowe s insignia dancing devil in black and red the homunculus receptionist on March station down to the wondrous gardens of VorgossosHowling Dark is pretty damn perfect There s honestly nothing bad that I can say about this novel It is a worthy seuel to last s year successful debut Empire of Silence and the series deserves all the accolades and You won t find a sopho slump here If you re wondering Is the buzz real Yes Is Howling Dark better than the first book Yes Should I wait till the author publishes books before I make a commitment Hell no Get on the Sun Eater bus ASAP Like I said I loved it and hope readers will discover this seriesy all don t know what you re missingIn the meantime the tortuous wait begins for the third book s release Demon in White s

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Ill face not only the aliens he has come to offer peace but contend with creatures that once were human with traitors in his midst and with a meeting that will bring him face to face with no less than the oldest enemy of mankindIf he succeeds he will usher in a peace unlike any in recorded history If he failsthe galaxy will bu. I received a copy of Howling Dark from Hachette Australia to reviewOutstanding new author Christopher Ruocchio who blew me away last year with his debut novel Empire of Silence returns with the second book in his brilliant Sun Eater series Howling DarkThe Sun Eater series is set far in humanity s future where humans have left Earth and expanded out to thousands of worlds While humanity mostly in the form of the Roman inspired Sollan Empire has flourished for the last four hundred years they have been fighting a brutal and destructive war with the Cielcin a spacefaring race of aliens who have destroyed hundreds of colonies and billons of humans Each of the books in the series is written as a part of the autobiographical chronicle of series protagonist Hadrian Halfmortal Marlowe otherwise knowns as the Sun Eater Hadrian is the man who will one day destroy a sun in order to burn every Cielcin to a cinder and in doing so become both history s greatest hero and most infamous monster However these events are set to occur much further on in the future and these earlier books focus on the events that formed Hadrian s character and show how he became the man to end it allIn Howling Dark the story is set some 50 years after the events of Empire of Silence During this time Hadrian Marlowe has been wandering the outer fringes of the galaxy trying and failing to find a myth Leading a band of mercenaries former gladiators and disguised Imperial legionnaires and carrying a cargo of frozen Cielcin prisoners Hadrian hopes to travel the lost planet of Vorgossos The planet s mysterious master apparently has a way to contact the Cielcin who Hadrian hopes to finally negotiate peace with ending the brutal war that has ravaged both races However finding Vorgossos has proven far difficult than Hadrian initially anticipated The legendary planet is well hidden and the only way to uncover its location is to deal with the Extrasolarians a group of humans who live outside of Imperial control and whose reliance on technology and enhancements borders on the heretical As Hadrian and his companions locate a promising lead they are suddenly ordered back to the fleet as the war against the Cielcin needs every soldierDetermined to bring his plan for peace to fruition Hadrian and his companions disobey these orders and go rogue Entering the worlds of the Extrasolarians the Exalted and other grim horrors at the edge of the known universe they are able to obtain passage to Vorgossos However what they find at their destination may be even worse than the alien foes they are attempting to contact Between facing technological monstrosities a cruel immortal king and the appearance of humanity s oldest and most feared enemy Hadrian has his work cut out for him But the further along his path he travels the Hadrian begins to understand the grim destiny in front of him and the terrible cost he will have to payThis is another epic book from Ruocchio Howling Dark is a dark gothic science fiction masterpiece that was an absolute treat to read and which really highlights the author s creativity and ability to create a wide ranging universe with some uniue and captivating featuresView the full review at other exciting reviews and content check out my blog at

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N Cielcin He has not succeeded and for years has wandered among the barbarian Normans as captain of a band of mercenariesDetermined to make peace and bring an end to nearly four hundred years of war Hadrian must venture beyond the security of the Sollan Empire and among the Extrasolarians who dwell between the stars There he w. IT s been a while since I ve given anything five stars But this is bravura storytelling people No it s not perfect Ruocchio has a few writing tics that are distracting and I still just don t get the Hadrian Valka romance at all But that s not important What is It s hard to be surprised these days with anything coming out in publishing Well this surprised me If book 1 was formulaic but fresh until it got bogged down in an interminable middle this is like nothing I ve read in a long time I think using Dante s Inferno as inspiration is absolutely brilliant and it works The moment we meet the painted man we know we re not in Kansas any And from there it s a non ending journey into the deepest circles of the hell of the dark cosmos that is frightening exciting but ultimately hopeful And Hadrian for all his whining is a compelling character especially whenever his old self comes out I have no idea where this is going and you can t imagine how excited that makes me I ll be talking about this book on my youtube channel soon if you re into that so check it out

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    Howling Dark the second book in Ruocchio's Sun Eater Science Fiction series is a lengthy epic fantasy novel set in outer space that will take some time to read but is well worth the epic effort It postulates a future where mankind has spread among the stars mainly locked into a feudal empire with titles and an imperial emperor whose

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    25 starsThe first 13 or so is a slog There are so many references to events that apparently happened after the first book Empire of Silence and before the start of this one Half the time I had no idea what was going on and felt like there must have been a book I missed there wasn'tThe second 13 was in a word boring There is just no other way to describe it The characters are stuck in a place called Vorgossos for what feels like Forever and

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    Disclosure I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for a honest reviewEmpire of Silence burst onto the Sci Fi scene with its intimidating wallop of a book that was big enough to be classified as a deadly weapon But thankfully I didn’t fall victim or let it deter me from tackling the mammoth b

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    IT's been a while since I've given anything five stars But this is bravura storytelling people No it's not perfect Ruocchio has a few

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    This is the second book of the memoir of the palatine Hadrian Marlowe on his way to becoming the Sun Eater and a genocide of an entire alien raceIt picks up after some un chronicled adventures that occurred after the first book which

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    Find this and other reviews at The Reader in IndigoWhen EMPIRE OF SILENCE was first released I read many reviews comparing it favorably and unfavorably to THE NAME OF THE WIND And it occurred to me after I sat down and actually read through it what a hideously unfair comparison that was How that sets the reader up for disappointment and what a disservice that does to the author Because a major reason THE NAME OF THE WIND is so

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    For me this was the best science fiction novel I red after Dune I wrote in my review to Empire of Silence that it was a 10 star book Well this is a 12 star book The writing is brilliant the author has a vast culture and you can find reinterpretations of Dante's Inferno or of the myth of Saturn Theseus and many others The main character is complex the plot is huge with unexpected twists the world building it's impressi

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    I received a copy of Howling Dark from Hachette Australia to reviewOutstanding new author Christopher Ruocchio who blew me away last year with his debut novel Empire of Silence returns with the second book in his brilliant Sun Eater

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    Sadly a howling failure I enjoyed the first book very much which revelled in its derivative nature whilst being fun and original This descends into bog standard sci fi tropes to the extent that it's uite boring to read with some overly extended action seuences I paged through and still nothing had been resolved After spending most of book 1

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    Space opera at its literary finest