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I Love You Almost Always

Very different and that is why they like each other until one day they don’t Rita thinks Ralph’s shell is too hard and Ralph thinks Rita shines too brightly Is their friendship in.

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When two creatures are different can they still be pals A sweet pop up book about friendship from the creator of  The Color Monster   Ralph is a roly poly Rita is a firefly They are.

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Trouble Or can they find a way to compromise This celebration of love between two besties wows with amazing 3 D pop ups on every page It’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s or any D.

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    This book is clever and fun to read Ralph and Rita may be insects but young readers will see them as though they are real life friends The story has messages of compromise accepting others and being yourself without beating you or your young

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    A short text and marvelous pop ups on each page make for a delightful combination for this story about two friends who are very different but have found a way to love each other anyway

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