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Comedy Infinite Jest bends every rule of fiction without sacrificing for a moment its own entertainment value It is an exuberant uniuely American exploration of the passions that make us human and one of those rare books that renew the idea of what a novel can d. Know what they say about novels such as Infinite Jest Don t seek Perfection or Pleasure but rather seek the Infinite PossibilitiesI have a lot to say about this book but before that there s a little I don t want to say about it Here it is This book is never ending It bored me at times too Some of the end notes were annoying I read many other books when I was supposed to read this book Whenever somebody asked me what IJ was all about I was unable to come up with a clear cut answer I skipped few lines here and there I think those who haven t read this book or won t read it would have or less incomplete existence as a reader I think those who have read the whole book and still think it s no good arewelljust normal I guess No reason is good enough for not reading this book In spite of best of my efforts my mind diverted to DFW s suicide I had thoughts of trying marijuana it s not really a big deal in India After reading few reviews here I got panic attacks due to their awesomeness This review went out of hand and got a bit long so oops I don t want to say cheesy lines like If IJ was a country I d applied for a permanent residency or If IJ was a drug I d get high forever or If IJ was a guy I d marry him or I m already missing reading it I laughed when I said to myself after finishing it let me get my thoughts in order The good news is you can read IJ again and again The bad news is you Have to read it againHere s what I want to sayAn Unexamined LifeEM Forster said One always tends to overpraise a long book because one has got through it Though I m sure he didn t have a book like IJ in mind but I agree with him to some extent Reading a long book means devoting a substantial time of your life a time which you value and there s no way one would like to declare that hesheit spent that time on something unworthy But when the book is Infinite Jest then it deserves every iota of praise bestowed upon it Its reading experience is something like the author takes your hand makes you sit in front of a mirror and whisper in your ear now see the magic and lo you re sucked in by the mirror and the next moment you find yourself in a strange yet surprisingly familiar land and slowly the images the scenery the words starts unfolding themselves and you need to look out at each direction else you ll be lost You need to examine a life which was left unexamined for a long time Day of finishing Infinite JestJan 25 2013 at around 2200hrs I finished reading this book closed it and put it aside I stared at it for a while then logged on to goodreads gave it 5 stars put it under my favorites shelf and asked myself Well what was that all about There was no answer in response but just an echo of words to write something that stabs you in the heart That pierces you makes you think you re going to dieDay of starting reading Infinite jest There was a sudden knock on the door I woke up with a start and reluctantly went to open the door An adolescent boy promptly asked Do you want to get entertained Huh what the I slammed the door shut and went back to sleep Few hours passed but again my sleep broke on hearing some loud cheering I went out and much to my surprise there was a whole tennis court in front of me and two players were busy playing There was a group of boys snorting coke sitting round the corner and on the opposite stands some kind of class was going on I recognized that it was Arthur Ashe stadium but couldn t place the players I looked at the score board Wal and Fed Wal was apparently leading with 6 3 7 6 5 3 Somebody tapped on my shoulder He was the same boy This time he handed me a book I took it and immediately lost my balance The alarm of my cell phone went off at that precise moment and welcomed me back to reality Once the feeling of vertigo subsided I checked the date December 1 2012 I said to myself Of courseThe days in betweenOver the period of almost two months I read IJ every day Having read Girl with curious hair and A supposedly fun thing I ll never do again I experienced both fiction and non fiction writing by Wallace and loved it It proved to be a boon because if nothing else the disjointed stories in IJ were something like short stories from Girl although a lot developed and maturely handled and the long ramblings on different topics reminded me of essays in a Supposedly funso Yes Reading Wallace s other works before attempting this book did help a lot than I expected There was something that made him work for me which not only provided enjoyment but became a great source of knowledge and it won t be an exaggeration to say that I have found a book that shall remain with me both physically and emotionally throughout this modest and unexciting life of mine Infinite Jest is not a work of a genius It s the work of someone who was all set to change the definition of word genius as we know it He created a world that was consistently dark desolate and most of the times demented but also witty ingenious and oh so funny This magnum opus is incredibly challenging but at the same time surprisingly accessible It won t let the reader sit back relax and enjoy it It s no beach read but want its readers to sit up and take notice about what is going on You can t afford to lose focus and track but the probability is that you ll lose both anyway It s that kind of book a literary euivalent of mobiusism a never ending uest a once in a lifetime experience By expressing all this I m in no way glorifying its completion by me but simply stating the facts It s not possible to overestimate this book Wallace took the most wretched situations and characters and created such amazing backdrops that in spite of everything so seemingly hopeless he would still be able to present you with a glimpse of hope In face of lot of desperate moves he would teach you a lesson or two in patience With so many impossibilities going on one after the other he would tell what all is possible if one try to do just one thing Realize His prose is exuberant with less scope of comfort He won t surround you with the sea of beautiful flowing writing to make you feel that he has stated something profound but rather something relentless and contemporary that you re in a position to relate in both subjective and objective way no matter how insane that way is You ll lose count of neologism solecism collouialism malapropism and many other isms DFW employed within IJ which not only proves fascinating but gives you an idea about the extent to which he allowed himself to experiment in order to say whatever he wanted to and you ll see how effortless it all looks as if DFW was telling something that s always been there and getting our attention by a simple psst look here expression Dave Eggers in his wonderful foreword rightly stated A Wallace reader gets the impression of being in a room with a very talkative and brilliant uncle or cousin who just when he s about to push it too far to try our patience with too much detail has the good sense to throw in a good low brow jokeHe has employed an allegorical structure to this novel and develops it to an extraordinary proportion taking cues from many of his influences namely Joyce Pynchon Shakespeare and Dante to name a fewI don t want to indulge much into plots but just a brief and my practice in brevity if I m allowed IJ primarily takes place in futuristic USA circa 2009 10 in Boston city The setting for majority of the narration is based at Enfield Tennis Academy ETA and Ennet House a drug and alcohol recovery house where majority of the interesting characters reside situating nearby ETA ETA was founded by James O Incandenza an avant garde film maker whose wife Avril Incandenza heads the academy with their 2 sons Mario and Hal being the current attendees of the ETA while their eldest brother Orin being a previous attendee now a punter in the NFL Orin is a jerk Mario is great and Hal is lonely Avril is beautiful very tall and delusional about her kids James was taller committed suicide and knew his kids just too well He created a film known as The Entertainment titled Infinite Jest which rud to have ualities such that whoever saw it wanted nothing else ever in life but to see it again then again and so on rendering its audience fatally addicted to it The uest of finding the master copy of this entertainment marks the entry of a group of uebecois separatists in the book known as Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents aka Wheelchair Assassins or simply AFR who wants to obtain a copy which they called Samizdat because of its lethal ualities that would make them dangerously powerful to meet their extremist goals This group gave me creeps The book is mostly covered with Wallace commentary about drug addiction through myriad eccentric and bizarre characters at the Ennet House Wallace presents the intake of drugs its effects and substance withdrawal ie cold turkey in such merciless detail that one can t help to actually empathize with those involved in substance abuse Apart from drugs there s some wonderful description about depression clinical depression to be precise Here s one of my favorite passage which I ve tagged as spoiler view spoiler The so called psychotically depressed person who tries to kill herself doesn t do so out of uote hopelessness or any abstract conviction that life s assets and debits do not suare And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing The person in whom Its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high rise Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view ie the fear of falling remains a constant The variable here is the other terror the fire s flames when the flames get close enough falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors It s not desiring the fall it s terror of the flames And yet nobody down on the sidewalk looking up and yelling Don t and Hang on can understand the jump Not really You d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling hide spoiler

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A gargantuan mind altering tragi comedy about the Pursuit of Happiness in America Set in an addicts' halfway house and a tennis academy and featuring the most endearingly screwed up family to come along in recent fiction Infinite Jest explores essential uestions. It s my habit to write on the inside sleeve of a book the words from the text that I can t define or don t understand Here is the resulting list from the back inside sleeve of Infinite Jestapocopesbolectionsregletsdipsomaniauincunxvaricocelessimpaticoaleatoryexperialistagnatepedalferrousfulvouslouveredsangfroidgibbonsapercueideticmuratedtumescentrecidivismerumpentrutilanthalepurlednacellesulcusimprecatedtumbrelcomportmentscopophobicasperityrapaciousafflatusbatheticbrachiformstrabismicascaparticavuncularaditfactotachuffingneuralgiactumideustacianxerophagygynecopiasuborningsolecisticlissomeascaparticanapesticbradyauxeticlordosiscorticatemucronatecodicillumenacreouspuerilethanatopticspansuleshaspprognathousnonuremicapothegmapicalsselvagedcaparisoncunctationsaphasiacetiologyprolixchymeamanuenticfalcatejejunecatastaticeschatologydeclivitymaffickingcuirassvigmiasmacorditecirrhoticreveilletektiticcrepuscularthrenodyemerymysticetouslyanechoicanorakerumpent again apparently I didn t remember it from the first timeaphasiacreseaudiverticulitiscathexisskirlingdunexaculatesaphasiaanodizedpicayunecaprolaliacverdigrisedcoruscantanacliticcatexicsybariticallyrestenoticmalentenduperipateticlordoticrictalthanatopicolla podidainguinalsudoriferousswartemeticparotiticalacritysinciputkyphoticciuatoxicI didn t realize until later in the book that DFW often makes up words I will post a full review at my blog meekadjustmentsblogspotcom

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About what entertainment is and why it has come to so dominate our lives; about how our desire for entertainment affects our need to connect with other people; and about what the pleasures we choose say about who we are Eual parts philosophical uest and screwball. Anybody who completes THE Infinite Jest automatically receives a medal Really Just read every single fuh cking word from beginning til the end you get an award that s what THIS IS basically A badge of honor Bragging rights A Privilege The experience which is so much like ogling the Mona Lisa live at the Louvre for the first time you can already envision her in your mind you know what it is even before you get to stand before it The literary euivalent of chasing the magic dragon Just keeping at something this being a very complex and cranial novel like some zombie to get you absolutely nowhere This is like a insufferable Beckett in that at least Beckett s implaus o ramas have an ending But here get ready to get nowhere Nowhere not fast but slowwwly Moments of Eureka I ve found something concrete at last Finally a location upon which to hang it s all very brief ha and ethereal to grasp Like some interesting but fleeting aroma The main driving force for the reader is to traverse the plot like some intrepid trekker here that motivation is eradicated what we are left with is one fat big juicy The premise That we live in a systematic place where components are controlled by family substances life The back and forth between the school and the rehab embody a game of tennis emblematic system used to symbolize coming of age as well as the myriad needlepoint philosophies that go with it No patterns arise Yet the reader has always his wants That you don t matter in the enterprise is what ultimately spoils this experience for me The writer has very consciously tried to build a sturdy monolithic castle from individual grains of dry sand An impossible endeavor but it must be witnessed The things that stick out are the sordid details the head in the microwave the shot in the face the molestation of little boys of invalids a hanging fetusIf you say IJ is the future of the novel you definitely haven t read 1936 s Gone with the Wind Almost a full century old that tome really justifies its girth like Lonesome Dove The Stand do like Don uixote Les Miserables eons ago I understand the allure of this really I do but HOW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS CAN YOU SAY THE EXACT SAME THING Definitely not in 1088 pages But maybe eighty eightBottom line this novel really gave me a serious case of the howling fantods

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    USHER Goodreads court is now in session the Honourable Judge Chandler presiding All riseJUDGE Mr Wise you appea

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    this booki think it is time to write a proper review for this book as it is one of my all time favorites and deserves way than two words back when i was a junior in college i was at the nyu bookstore trying to sell back some textbooks before going away for winter break the person in line in front of me was trying to sell back infinite jest where was i when this class was being offered?? and of course they weren't taki

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    It's my habit to write on the inside sleeve of a book the words from the text that I can't define or don't understand Here is the resulting list from the back inside sleeve of Infinite Jestapocopesbolectionsregletsdipsomaniauincunxvaricocelessimpaticoaleatoryexperialistagnatepedalferrousfulvouslouveredsangfroidgibbonsapercueideticmuratedtu

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    While I don't actually have A Favorite Book or Song or Album or Band or Film or Painting or Sexual Position or any other category o

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    Admittedly Infinite Jest is a tough book You start the book having no clue when it is happening and who the various characters are There is stuff that happens in the opening pages that explains events at the end of the book albeit over 1000 pages and hundreds of footnotes away I'd say it is uite elliptical That being said it is an amazing piece of literature I forced myself through the first 300 and then 400

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    Anybody who completes THE Infinite Jest automatically receives a medal Really Just read every single fuh cking word from beginning til the end you get an award that's what THIS IS basically A badge of honor Brag

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    I've been waiting panther like for the right combination of caffeine and personal gumption to strike to attack writing about this since it really is one of my favorite books ever ever and one of the most fascinating things I've ever read I've read this book twice and I could care less what people say about it because when I do care I tend to grit my teeth over the ridiculous comments reviews that tend to come up in discussing Da

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    Know what they say about novels such as Infinite Jest Don’t seek Perfection or Pleasure but rather seek the Infinite PossibilitiesI have a lot to say about this book but before that there’s a little I don’t want to say about it Here it is☽This book is never ending☽It bored me at times too☽Some of the end notes were annoying☽I read many other books when I was supposed to read this book☽Whenever somebody

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    Around halfway through endnote 90 which itself is 4 pages long Don Gately says It makes me feel good you think I'm decent to talk to That's supposed to be why I'm here I sure needed to talk at the start Can you remember where you were

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    DJ Ian's Sunday Evening Tell Me What You Really ThinkYou're listening to Radio KCRCR Tell Me What You Really Think where we listen to the critics and you talk back That's if there's any time left after I finish my rant HeheA lot of listeners ask me about my namesake What about that other Ian Graye you say The one on GoodReads What do you think of him? And what did you think of his recent review of David Foster