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Itants of Switzerland Paul Bilton's got everything you need to know to endear you to the Swiss forever And your friends will love it And if you already think you know

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Laughing Along with the Swiss

A special gift edition of the little guidebook XENOPHOBE'S GUIDE TO THE SWISS which has been delighting readers all over the world If you want to know about the inhab

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About the Swiss you'll smile and nod from cover to cover If you are Swiss and think you have nothing to laugh about here's an opportunity to stop worrying for a whil

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    This book is funny It's basically a deluxe version of the Xenophobe's book If you can find the normal softback version that's probably a bettercheaper betHere's a uote from the first page The population of Switzerland is made up of 45 million German speakers 125 million French speakers 700000 Italian speakers 70000 Romansh speakers and 500000 who say very little Paul BiltonSince I'm living here in Switzerland this book is full of useful in

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    A playful review of Swiss foibles practices and beliefs by a British ex pat First recommended to me by my Swiss teacher

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