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Lily Langdon has finally grown up Now that her brother the duke's completely malleable best friend Edward Wallis has been brutally and luckily rebuffed by his intended Lily knows her chance for a very permissive and entirely convenient husband is here In fact he is staying i Love According to Lily was an interesting read and not at all as I was expecting In a historical romance readers expect a certain bit of contrivance and melodrama but Julianne MacLean s Lily was instead subdued and muted compared to the usual HR No characters reacted in an unlikely way to exacerbate poor circumstances no tantrums or misunderstandings All characters reacted in realistic fashion and their conveyance of their displeasure was subtleLily and co were plausible characters but a little flat Nothing appeals to the reader about the hero since we saw little of him before the marriage and afterward he was distant with the heroine with only superficial introspection about himself If there was anything to endear him it was his apparent enjoyment playing with children Otherwise we know little except his one fear though his flaws visible for example in his behavior with Magnus lend him some dimension The plot is not new but MacLean s research of Victorian medicine eg Hodgkin s disease Cesarean section sedation in labor and implement sterilization is laudable and her delivery of Lily and Whitby s medical emergencies realistic I appreciated that the heroine didn t shimmy over roofs or escape into London or some other hi jinks for spice and I liked the realistic treatment of family conflict As a result however there seemed little urgency to the novel I wasn t riveted to my seat I would recommend Lily s subtle but leisurely paced narrative for waiting room reading heat index low probably most similar to Julia uinn without the humor and Margaret Mallory I may read the seuel since Magnus seems troubled and passionate than Mr Tight laced Whitby LOL

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Mes of trouble Lily has set her cap on a man who should be unlovable and fallen in love than she ever thought possible Their passion brings great risk but when a man and a woman prove to be so much together than they were apart is there anything that their love cannot overco A much better showing from MacLean I genuinely liked Lily and Whitby at least in this book and their angst while sometimes overwrought was believable and relatable Still MacLean s writing leaves something to be desired for me Her dialogue is unrealistic and melodramatic and every book is basically the same story with slightly different characters and back stories Reading them becomes a bit of a chore

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N her very own home for a house partyBut this promising party's tone is uickly changed by a horrible twist of fate that threatens Edward's very life Nothing but luck can save Edward but Lily's heart is lost for good when she sees what a strong and devoted man he can be in ti I did enjoy reading this book although not as much as To Marry a Duke This is it s seuel the story of James s sister Lily and his friend Whitby Actually there are 2 seuels to TMTD because it s the first book in 2 different series even if it doesn t appear as the first book in the Lover seriesBeing raised in a strict humorless household did nothing to dampen Lady Lily Langdon s romantic nature nor cool her lifelong affection for Edward Wallis Earl of Whitby her elder brother s oldest dearest friend But Edward cannot see the lovely woman she s become for the wild schoolgirl she once was So with lessons in flirtation from her American sister in law Duchess Sophia Lily means to open Edward s eyes and win his heart But just when her seduction begins to take hold tragedy strikes Edward has lived a rakish life believing he would never grow old and a terrible twist of fate threatens to prove him right Yet adversity only strengthens Lily s resolve to find the ecstasy she knows is waiting in Edward s arms and to prove to the handsome haunted earl that it is never too late to fall desperately in loveLily has been in love with Whitby for most of her life but she is fully resigned to marry someone else He has always treated her as a little sister and she has been on the shelf for uite sometime now so she decides to use her brother s hunting party to get closer to the suitor her mother as chosen for herHowever her intentions change when he seems to show some interest in her even if the non commitment kind and eventually falls ill to what is at first assumed to be Hodgkins disease Faced with the possibility of death and knowing that if Whitby dies without an heir his home and fortune will be left to his estranged cousin who can t be relied upon to take care of Whitby s sister Lily thinks of a plan to provide an heir and at the same time to be with him in the last months of his life marriage She manages to convince him and after the marriage they spend some time together thinking to make the best of what time they have However the results of the exams came back showing Whitby isn t dyingLily and Whitby s reaction to knowing he wasn t dying were negative and that s when their relationship faces some problems Lily s afraid Whitby is feeling imprisoned in a marriage he doesn t want now that he knows he isn t dying I could understand those feeling especially because they weren t talking with each other but I felt she should have confronted him with it And Whitby actually feels imprisoned for a while which really annoyed He was at first attracted to Lily but he didn t wan t to assume it then he lets himself be convinced to marry her and even behaves as he has fallen in love with her and suddenly when he knows he isn t dying any he just closes himself up and let s her believe he is regretting their marriage Even if it was so she married him to give him an heir and maintain his sister with a home he should be at least thankfulThen Lily becames ill also and Whitby is forced to confront his feelings for her I felt he came across as a very weak hero who first lets himself be convinced to marry Lily and then suffers too many doubts about his situation Lily is too romantic and that colours the way she sees life but she is also a lot younger than he is and so I didn t feel as annoyed by her actions Despite that I still found it a nice read even if very inferior to To Marry The Duke Now I have great expectations for Whitby s adopted sister and his cousin story which is Portrait of a LoverGrade B

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    Love According to Lily was an interesting read and not at all as I was expecting In a historical romance readers expect a certain bit of contrivance and melodrama but Julianne MacLean's Lily was instead subdued and muted co

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    Armed only with the knowledge that the hero was the heroine's brother's BFF I was expecting something less emotionally taxing This was much intense than I expected mostly because Whitby was seriously sick for most of the book And when he wasn't it seemed like Lily was going to be seriously sick And then there were times when Whitby was not as emotionally invested in Lily so there was that insecurity Basically

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    375 starsKind of stuck on how to rate this I kept wavering as the story progressed First half Really enjoyed it The set up was intriguing and uniue Plus the sexual tension between the hero and heroine was so palpable and angsty Loved the tropes deployed in here I can't remember the last time I read a HR book where one of the leads

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    355 stars So I chose to read this when I saw NU was reading it and mentioned one of my favorite plot devices girl in love with her brother's friend Thought to myself how can I resist The beginning of the book showed a lot of promise and I was really starting to feel for the characters I loved the meloncholy feel in the fi

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    I did enjoy reading this book although not as much as To Marry a Duke This is it’s seuel the story of James’s sister Li

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    Lady Lily Langdon has always been in love with her older brother’s best friend Edward Wallis Earl of Whitby Lily has one last chance to try to make Whitby see her as the woman she’s become But when Whitby falls ill at the Langdon’s house party he has to make some decisions about his futureThis is a freuent reread for me It's one of those books I probably shouldn’t like because I don't care for big age

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    First Book I have read by by Julianne MacLean Will defo be reading Lovely story Kept me interested from the start Tissues needed

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    A much better showing from MacLean I genuinely liked Lily and Whitby at least in this book and their angst while sometimes overwrought was believable and relatable Still MacLean's writing leaves something to be desired for

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    275 Stars First of all the blurb for this book does not reflect the story in any way at all This drives me nuts Lily does not chase Whitby for convenience at all Unfortunately my gripes with the book don't end with it's exteriorThere

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    Mixed feelings Well written friend

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