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    The author is a Nigerian woman Having read the Nigeria based horror stories of Nuzo Onoh I was expecting a similar settingI was in for a surprise when I found myself reading about a spoiled and pampered heiress sent off to a finishing school surrounded by servants to wait on her every need While the setting is fantasy complete with a map o

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    Mfonemana Uduak plunges us into a cool fantasy world in Lucy Wickshire Lucy comes from a lineage of strong and de

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    Lucy Wickshire is a very interesting and uniue book by Mfonemana Uduak There is so much greatness about this book but it has its shortcomings Let's focus on the good first I was absolutely captivated by the uniueness of this book It was extremely well thought through with a very interesting plot At first I thought it was just a midd

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St re enact what her ancestors did She must remind all realms that their strength has not faded with time A Thraine is still as dangerous asleep as she is awa.

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Lucy Wickshire

Lucy must grow up fast and defend her self before those who killed her mother come for her Her journey to become strong leads her to understand her mother's h.

read Ù eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Mfonemana Uduak

Eritage A heritage to defend and avenge A heritage of women locked in a game of provoked to attack a linage of women feared across all known realms Now she mu.