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Session and subseuent post processing of the images is explored in depth in an easy to read and understandable style with numerous illustrations and examples to lead the beginner through to advanced topi.

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Making Every Photon Count

Ested methods aimed at producing acceptable results early on by drawing on both the author's own experiences as a beginner and those whom he has assisted in the pastThe logical progression of an imaging.

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Aimed at the beginner to Deep Sky astro photography new concepts are explained in plain terms ensuring that the reader develops an understanding of the euipment and its use Advice is based on tried and t.

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    Enjoyable and informative read and a direct purchase from Steve comes with online resources as well This book touches on a lot of material and is divided up very well however to really maximize this book's potential to facilitate y

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    Good book However the author has an awesome observatory which can be seen in the book while I need someone to help me carry my telescopefml

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    This is an incredibly useful and informative book for anyone even remotely interested in Deep Sky astrophotography the book does not cover planetary imaging Divided into easily digestible sections the book walks you through everything you need to know to start taking images of the heavens from simple DSLR based setups right through to multi filtered CCD imaging Processing is also covered in a wonderfully simple step by

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