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Urself Wouldn't you love to find Mr December in your stockingLexi Jordan only wants one thing for Christmas a man But the pickings in tiny Rocky Falls are pretty slimand she has to bring a genuine male to Christmas dinner So when she finds Spencer P.

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Mr December

Rice's ad in Texas Men magazine she decides to proposition him Only one look at the sexy as sin scientist has Lexi making up a new Christmas wish list one that keeps Mr December in her bed well into the New Year Mail Order Men Satisfaction Guarantee.

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TEXAS MEN MAGAZINE PRESENTS MAIL ORDER MENBachelor of the Month Spencer Price This hunky scientist is also known to moonlight as a centerfold His exposure in the Science Hunks calendar has set women drooling all over the country C'mon girls treat yo.

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    3 12 Stars Receiving orders from her mother that she's expected to bring a man home for Christmas dinner Lexi despairs at the pickings of dates in her little town  Not just any man will do for her elitist parents Her roomm

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    Funny and very cute love the bunch of nerdy scientist geeks And not too dated even though it's from the 90's I did get a kick out of the references to technology Would you give your 333 MHz Pentium II to a five year old to play with

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    For the length of the book 156 pages in Dutch the characters of Lexi and Spencer had depth then expected The story was fun I couldn't stop laughing when reading the part about their date in the pool hallHowever I didn't like some of the secondary characters Gretchen was too exaggerated in my opinionOverall a fun and light read