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As a handsome young cultivator Shen ingiu the mentor of Luo Binghe the overpowered main character Unfortunately Shen ingiu is actually a scum villain destined to die at his disciple's hands But why do all the female lead's scenes feature him insteadSince he's a scum villain why does he keep getting wrapped up in the main character's plot and sacrificing himself for himHe wants to prove that even scum villains can live and be cool while they're at it via M. i love mxtx but damn you can kinda tell this was her first book though

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The Scum Villain’s Self Saving System“还能不能好好看种马文了!”沈垣穿书穿成了把少年男主虐到死去活来的人渣反派沈清秋。要知道,原作沈清秋最后可是被他徒弟男主洛冰河活生生削成了人棍啊人棍!沈清秋内心一万匹草泥马狂奔而过:“不是我不想抱男主大腿,可是谁让这男主他妈的是暗黑系,有仇必报千倍奉还的类型啊!”为什么女主们应该?. the best type of trash

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??的剧情都要强加给他。为什么作为一个人渣反派却要不断地为主角挡刀挡枪舍己为人!沈清秋:“我觉得我还可以再抢救一下。”前期忠犬小白花后期黑化SJB少女攻×伪斯文败类反派吐槽狂魔受这其实是一个师徒每天不务正业,打打怪、谈谈恋爱的狗血故事也是反派亲眼见证,男主如何从一朵小绵羊白莲花变成黑霸王花的故事O∩∩OShen Yuan is reborn. 35 stars

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    What do you rate something by your favorite author that had such a good and fun concept and kept you entertained for almost the full length of it but used so many tropes you absolutely hate and had highly uestionable content but you still want to look at fanart and read fanfiction sldhdkdhdk edit I went with three stars because I do feel mostly positively about itOkay that's basically it but I do want to write a bit about this so here's a

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    the best type of trash

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    i love lbh and i laughed a lot but mxtx writes such awkward scary papapa it rly makes me anxious lol

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    35 stars

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    It was so meta I loved that about this book Shen Yuan's epic irritation with stupid plotholes in a book he bought and spent a month reading highly relatable And basically how it shows how fanfiction works NiceAs f

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    i honestly don't even know what was happening in the end there you can tell this was mxtx's first novel it's kinda choppy and reallyyy uestionable at some parts it did make me laugh multiple times and unexpectedly tugged at my heartstrings a

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    i love mxtx but damn you can kinda tell this was her first book though

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    BEWARE of SPOILERTruthfully I would have like it if it was a rebirth plot instead of transmigration I wanted Shen ingiu himself to change the outcome of his previous life instead of letting Shen Yuan the transmigrator did it It felt off as Luo Binghe kept thinking that his master have change Of course he did He was entirely a diffe

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    The first half of this novel is something i’ve read 2 times but each time Bingge falls and returns it uickly loses my interest so I’m considering this completed cause i know how it ends etcThe first half is def 4 stars worthy the

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    Never before have I loved something so trashy so much This one has many downright hilarious scenes and simultaneously it can hit you right in the feels at the most unexpected timesAnd chapter 43 is an absolute tearjerker I