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D structure a winning sales call; stop presenting to and start dialoguing with buyers; and make time in your calendar for business development activities Landing on HubSpot’s Top 20 Sales Books of All Time New Sales Simplified is about overcoming and even preventing buyers’ anti salesperson reflex by establishing trust The easy to follow plan will remove the mystery surrounding prospecting and have you ramping up for new business. 5 stars That s all I really need to say This is not a perfectly written book and the author has some personal positions and definitions that I don t agree with but I like his direct and open honesty It means that this book is chock full of common sense and isn t beholden to best practice as a limiting factor but rather states best practice based on experience It is the kind of book I d like to write if I m ever dumb enough to write a business book Don t tell me what your corporate training told you to do and don t tell me what some researcher suggests you do but tell me what works What truth have you uncovered through experience Just to be clear I m not anti research but the research based books written by consultants and university professors are a dime a dozen They range for boring to uninspiring as they try to tell the world what they think they know from observing and analyzing others That is the differentiator This book isn t based on any experience but his own And when you want to uestion a conclusion he has ALL the facts about the situation To put it in academic terms he has roughly 100% of the data of his experience not a statistically significant number of survey responses So I foresee this on my list of regular rereads But for now if you are in sales or in a leadership role in a company and are wondering how to improve your sales team read this now

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New Sales Simplified

Close deals every day Each page of this sales essential is packed with examples anecdotes and proven formulas to do exactly thatPacked with examples and anecdotes New Sales Simplified offers a proven formula for prospecting developing and closing deals No matter how much repeat business you get from loyal customers the lifeblood of your business is a constant flow of new accounts With refreshing honesty and some much needed humor sal. This is an excellent book about sales prospecting and new business development The author offers specific advice with things you can do and examples Here are some examples from the book Our Sales Story The story is foundational to everything we do in sales and we use bits and pieces of it in all of our weapons By story I m referring to the language or talking points we use when asked what we do or when we tell someone about our business It s so critical to our success that the next two chapters are dedicated to helping you create and implement a succinct powerful differentiating customer focused story A compelling differentiating client focused story is a prereuisite for new business development sales success It s our best opportunity to set ourselves apart from the competition to beautifully package our offering to gain the prospect s attention and to position ourselves as experts value creators and problem solvers Most customers couldn t care less about what we do However they were incredibly interested in what our products or service could do for them As important as this profound sales truth is when dealing with existing customers it s magnified exponentially when trying to gain the attention of a prospect So many people in sales lead with statements such as We make or We are suppliers or We do this that and the other thing And when salespeople lead in this manner buyers are almost immediately thinking So what I encourage you to try the so what test Listen to another salesperson on the phone attempting to earn an appointment with a tough prospect Or accompany a rep on sales call Every time the salesperson makes a statement simply ask yourself So what It s very convincing when we begin to realize how much of what we regularly say is self focused drivel that has no real meaning to the customerWhat happens when we the start our pitch by talking about what we do The prospect thinks or may even say aloud We already have that We already have a banking relationship We already have a widget supplier We already have an advertising agency We already have someone cleaning our data center Fill in what your company doesWe already have a In all likelihood your prospects think they have it covered Three Critical Building Blocks for a Compelling StoryThere are three critical sections or building blocks to a compelling sales story1 Client issues addressed2 Offerings3 Differentiators Customerclient issues the first building block and bedrock of our compelling sales story refers to Customer pains we remove Client problems we solve Opportunities we help customers capture Results we achieve for clientsOfferings our second building block simply state what we sell emphasis on simply Our offerings are what we do the services solutions or products for which we bill customersDifferentiators the third building block explain why we are better and different from other alternatives This final building block provides solid reasons why we are the best choice to address the client s issues as listed in the first section of the storyThese three building blocks are all necessary to craft a succinct compelling client focused sales story And the seuence matters a lot As important as the actual components themselves is the order in which we use them Why lead with client issues The issues we address for clients serve as the lead in to our sales story because that s where the power is derived Client issues are the sharp tip of our sales spear No one cares what we do how smart we are or how special we think our company is Sad but true It s not about us Prospects are interested in one thing What s in it for them We lead with the pains we remove the problems we solve and the results we achieve for customers because those things are important to them They re relevant These issues draw people in They shake prospects out of their slumber and help delay their reflex resistance to our sales pitchA whole lot of salespeople make the mistake of leading with their offerings That s the worst thing we can do It screams commodity to the buyer It also communicates that the most important part of the conversation is about what we sell I m the sales rep and I am here to tell you about we do Awful And way too common When we lead with client issues we get a prospect s attention fast We re talking about what s likely on the other person s mind We also set ourselves up as problem solvers By talking about the clients needs first we position ourselves as professionals who can address their issuesAnother benefit of leading with client issues is that it sets us up to ask probing uestions about those very issues later in the sales process In a sense we foreshadow where we plan on taking the sales conversation When the first things out of our mouth or in writing communicate to the prospect that we are all about addressing their issues the dynamic of the sales dance radically changes We re no longer viewed as the typical product pitching sales rep that buyers try to avoid at all cost Instead we re seen as experts with solutions positioned to open a dialogue about the issues on the prospect s mindLeading our sales story with issues has one final practical application It helps us ualify the prospect If potential customers have no pain no problems in need of solving and are not trying to achieve a different result then why would they make a change If nothing is wrong or in need of improvement why bother Businesses and people don t change direction for no reason If we take our best shot describing the reasons our customers turned to us and can t get a reaction or interest from the buyer then the sales conversation is pretty much over No Issues No Sale If the issues we address don t interest them there s no reason to talk about what we do or why we re different Just move on to the next prospect I created what I call The Power Statement as my answer to the elevator pitch and the value proposition two annoyingly overused expressions that mean different things to different people Last time I checked there was not a whole lot of business being transacted in elevators So it doesn t make sense trying to cram our sales story into a format designed for use between the lobby and the ninth floor Something wonderful powerful and magical happens when combining the three building blocks of our story under a brief headline and a transitional phrase I ve used this formula with than fifty companies and continually receive unanimous positive feedback on its transformative power Once complete the power statement serves as a one page two to three minute encapsulation of our sales story It can be used by itself in full form when speaking with someone face to face on sales calls or when elements from the power statement are excerpted for use in other sales weapons telephone voice mail e mail presentations proposals etcLet s take a look at the construction of the power statement HeadlineThe headline is a one to two sentence introduction It helps provide context and allows your audience to place you in a category to better digest your storyTransitional PhraseThis brief phrase sets the stage to grab your contact s attention It opens the door to share the client issues your business addresses It starts with either the type of business you are pursuing or the position of the contact you are addressing For exampleGHI companies turn to Tour Company Name Here whenOrSenior marketing executives look to us or Tour Company Name Here when theyThis type of lead in is a shrewd techniue that allows us to speak in the third person about what we accomplish for our customers Instead of simply declaring our results in a brash or braggadocio fashion we make compelling points about why our customers look to us for help In a sense the transitional phrase couches our strongest selling points as if they were a testimonial coming from our best clientsClient Issues Pains Removed Problems Solved Results AchievedThis section of the power statement lists between three and seven client issues we address Use a conversational bulleted format describing each issue briefly using provocative or emotionally charged words For instance Striving to achieve Result 1 Frustrated from dealing with Pain 2 and ready to take action Under significant pressure to eliminate Problem 3 Committed to accomplishing Result 4 They ve had it with Pain 5 Facing threats or regulatory pressure from Issue 6 They are finally tired of living with Problem 7 and want help tackling itOfferingsThis very brief section of the power statement is where we rattle off what it is we actually sell It works best to simply describe our offerings in a few sentences being careful not to embellish or oversell here Our offerings are the least compelling component of our story and that is why this section is short and sandwiched between the client issues we address and our differentiatorsDifferentiatorsThe power statement concludes with a strong list of reasons that we are the best choice to address the client issues we previously described This is our opportunity to brag and declare why our offerings are better than other options available to the customer I suggest leading into a list of at least five differentiators with an intriguing sentence For exampleTour Company Name continues to grow or dominate our space because we are very different from what you will find in the marketplaceDifferentiator 1 Differentiator 2 Differentiator 3 Differentiator 4 Differentiator 5 ExampleAllsafe Security Power Statement HEADLINEAllsafe is the premier security services provider in Canada We work with building owners property managers and individual corporations to deliver true integrated securityTRANSITIONAL PHRASE AND CLIENT ISSUES ADDRESSED Building owners look to Allsafe when Seeking a competitive advantage by offering the finest security available to tenants and guests Frustrated that their current system is not doing what was promised when it was sold to them Facing excessive liability exposure and growing lifesafety fears Continually embarrassed by the image projected by their security personnel They ve had it with guards who are poorly trained unreliable and constantly turning over They re searching for a truly integrated solutioncombining manpower system monitoring and CCTV There is no peace of mind regarding a potentialemergency the current provider lacks the appropriate resources coverage and experience to handle a crisisOFFERINGSWe provide true integrated security Allsafe services include first class manpower access systems monitoring mobile response and closed circuit televisionDIFFERENTIATORSAllsafe continues to dominate the security market because we are very different from the other available alternatives We are a true one stop shop that provides real integrated solutions We offer in house financing and leasing options help clients manage capital expenditures and cash flow We are vendor agnostic allowing us to provide the best fit products for your particular application No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster It is our specialty We have without uestion the most professional polished responsible and courteous officers in the business clients tell us that our officers are like their own key employees Our clients don t leave us And the very few that did came back

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Es expert Mike Weinberg examines the critical mistakes made by most salespeople and executives and provides tips to help you achieve the opposite results You’ll learn how to identify a strategic list of genuine prospects; draft a compelling customer focused “sales story”; perfect the proactive telephone call to get face to face with prospects; use email voicemail and social media to your advantage; build rapport; prepare for an. I feel like it wouldn t be fair for me to rate this book because I m not a salesperson I m supposed to make some sales and was hoping this would help But this book just reinforced a lot of the things I dislike about sales and confirmed my suspicion that I am not naturally inclined to sales Maybe professional sales people would find it useful though

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    This is an excellent book about sales prospecting and new business development The author offers specific advice with things you can do and examples Here are some examples from the book “Our Sales Story The story is foundational to everything we do in sales and we use bits and pieces of it in all of our weapons By ‘story’ I'm referring to the language or talking points we use when asked what we do or when

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    FANTASTIC reminder of what sales people should be doing but tend to get away from or make secondary Mike walks through the entire proc

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    Without any doubt this is the best book I have read so far on sales

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    Sales the dirty word for many companies and certainly startups We have social media and still I run several startups before and technology wise we did very well being famous on social media we did good and clients were happy to use our services for free This free didn't pay the bills unfortunatelySo I decided to go into old sales techniues As my beliefs are that whatever level you are as a company startup medium size or international organi

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    I feel like it wouldn't be fair for me to rate this book because I'm not a salesperson I'm supposed to make some sales and was hoping this would help But this book just reinforced a lot of the things I dislike about sales

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    Straight to the point just how I was expecting Great author with amazing experience skin in the game and a good feeling to conduct his writing Totally recommend it

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    There are some gems inside this bookThe book could be shorter at times it feels like the author just wants to go o

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    Holy Bible of sales

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    5 stars That's all I really need to say This is not a perfectly written book and the author has some personal positions and definitions that I don't agree with but I like his direct and open honesty It means that this book is chock full of common sense and isn't beholden to best practice as a limiting factor but rather states best

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    Pretty solid book on the art of b