NO MORE LIES. (English Edition) [ free ] AUTHOR Brody Flachbart

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Am This book explains how I ended up in this position and clears up the lies I told to everyone including my close friends and family I ask you to pay the dollars and read my words Your money is going into a bank account that the Navy has access to and they will take from This is an effort to pay them back w.


NO MORE LIES. (English Edition)

Hatever I owe them for leaving That being said I can t pay anyone the years in jail I may owe I just can t I d rather be homeless on the street with no real identity than in jail At least I ll be free There s muchI d like to ramble about but I ll stop there Thanks for reading Please buy the book NO MORE LIES.

SUMMARY NO MORE LIES. (English Edition)

I walked out on the US Navy After signing on the dotted linethan once and completing out of my year contract I m gone I have no intention of ever going back I ve gotten rid of my material things I m leaving society I m leaving everything behind I can no longer function in society the way it is and the way I.

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