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Tion of aristocratic philosophy in nineteenth century Germany into racist elitism As such the study includes a survey of the philosophical bases of racism and anti Semitism These topics have been systematically excluded from academic and political debate since the end of the last Great War This study is a pioneering work in understanding and changing political ideologie.

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Nobilitas is a study of the history of aristocratic philosophy from ancient Greece to the early twentieth century that aims at providing an alternative to the liberal democratic norms which are propagated today as the only viable socio political system for the world community Jacob reveals that contrary to popular belief the social and cultural development of European c.


Ivilization has for twenty five centuries been based not on democratic or communist notions but rather on aristocratic and nationalist notions Beginning with the political philosophies of Plato and Aristotle and continuing through Renaissance and Baroue aristocratic philosophers the German Idealists and English and Italian nationalists the study ends with the transforma.

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    Alexander Jacob a Hindu Indian that is pro Westernanti globalist has created a virtual masters course in European aristocratic philosophy with this slim book barely over a hundred pages Beginning with Plato and ending with Spengler Nobilitas is a book that highlights the reasons as to why all the great philosophers of Occidental history were proponents of aristocracy and how they saw democracy as a fundamentall

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