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“In the name of Man member and the holy fluid Amen” begins Mutsuo Takahashi’s epic one thousand line erotic fantasy poem “Ode” the centerpiece of his groundbr.

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Poems of a Penisist

Eaking collection of ueer poetry Poems of a Penisist Takahashi’s work reminiscent of Walt Whitman’s is a celebration of the male body treating homosexual desire as.

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Something sacred Stunningly beautiful and passionate Poems of a Penisist is one of the most important compilations of homoerotic poetry written in the twentieth century.

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    These poems by Takahashi are some of the most creative explicit homoerotic work ever written The most famous poems full of the jubilant joy of transgression were reprinted in Stephen Miller's anthology Partings at Dawn An Anthology of Japanese Gay Literature but this collection contains many sensitive sentimental works as well

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    Apparently difficult to find now Includes his rapturous ode probably one of the best poems ever written

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    A brilliant homoerotic work