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T she's not called the Angel of Death for nothing But what can she do when the fight cannot be won Then DeMalo offers Saba a chance a seductive chance she may not be able to refuse How much will she sacrifice to save the people she lovesThe road has never been dangerous and betrayal lurks in the most unexpected places in the breathtaking conclusion to the Dust Lands Trilog. Alright Blood Red Road was definatly a promising book that got me hooked right away Rebel Heart like oh hot damnn But honestly I hated Lugh Is it bad to say I hope he dies in the third book Seriously the kid is all oh I love you sis and then like two pages later he goes all phsyco on her And whenever she left to go do what she does rescuing people and saving the day he always stopped her or tagged along slowing her down Like dude back offLet s talk about DeMalo Okay that guy is insane like mentally insane I never trusted him a second and I swear he drugged her and that is why she was with him Wine does voodoo to the mind so why not Oh and she can t be pregnant I really hope Moors is just trying to freak us out because I hare how Saba now has ties to Demalo I want him to just disappear or something I have to admit though it would be awesome seeing Jack and Demalo in some kind of fight over Saba in the next book DRAMAOh Jack How you disappointed me I thought he was the most amazing guy in Blood Red Road but no Their little reunion turned me off It s like oh hey Saba you have a knife in your hand and I m just going to stand here and complain about your sister that everyone knew about other than you at that point I felt like screaming half the time Like really you cant put any worry in there like she was going to kill you And that crape about not being good enough for her Seriously I wanted to punch him and slap him She went through all of that just to help you know your pushing her away like NONow Tommo is that kid no one pays attention to but I feel like he is going to play a HUGE role in the third book Like that last part in the book is either Tommo or Lugh and I m leaning towards Tommo because of their conversation Lugh is totally pushing her out of the way Tommo is definalty someone to look at now Anyway the whole book awkwardly fell into place in the end Everything that confused me sort of found a place for itself in the end Not clearly but it did fit into the seams I loved Saba s adventure and delemas They are so interesting and easy to get caught up in Brilliant story from one book to the next I just wish it will turn out to NOT be a dissapointment like so many other trilogiesAFTERThis book left me in tears at the end I did not enjoy the first half but after getting over that rather large speed bump it turned into something strangely amazing I couldn t have asked for a better ending ps it left me in tears like ugly crying Never saw that one coming but the last section got me big time happy readings everyone One story down another one awaits

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Her passion kept them alive Now it may destroy them allSaba is ready to seize her destiny and defeat DeMalountil she meets him and finds herself drawn to the man and his vision of a healed earth a New Eden DeMalo wants Saba to join him in life and work to build a stable sustainable worldfor the chosen few The young and the healthy Under his controlJack’s choice is clear. Ok i ma rant right now I just finished Rebel Heart and i m unsatisfied 1st How the hell is Saba just gonna leave without finishing that vudo magic trick with Ewdice or whatever her name is Like bitch you could already tell dark foreshadowing you need to haul your ass back to Ewdice and finish your spell cast 2nd Jack s just annoying the shit outa me Saba goes through all that trouble tracking his ass and he s all chill like i m trying to do the right things Saba and i m sorry I made you go through all that but I can t go with you any Like BiiiiiiHiitchI am this close to pushing you off that tower This might be wrong but when Saba first saw him she head over heels and staring at him in wonder What the hell was he doing Focusing on other shit like helping Emmi and getting all of them outa there I mean that s great and all good for you Jack But don t you think he woulda had even a little reaction to Saba It doesn t even have to be all that time consuming just give her a heart felt glance I m just so pissed right now 3rd He comes back to her in the end just to go again So i m assuming they sleep together someone correct me but that doesn t exclude the fact that HOW THE HELL DOES SHE GO BACK TO HER OLD FEELINGS SO FUCKING SUDDENLY AFTER HATING HIM IT S LIKE FREAKING DYING WITH NO CLUEOh sweet BUDDHA someone help this poor soulJack could treat her better Just coming back to her then leaving againAlso what a scumbag having a kid at 14 Telling her he s not good for her Telling her that he s keeping the big water safe for her No bitch you re not only doing it for her you re mostly doing it to take down the government using the confusing good of your heart which can t be much 4th Saba goes through a lot of emotions and sleeps with Seth otherwise known as sheila the great no i m just kidding Otherwise known as DeMalo All right that s chill Not really but whateverPREDICTIONS In the end I first thought that the italics pov was DeMalo but it was actually Tommo I think that he ll play a big role in the future Maybe he turns his back against Saba and the rest of them Sabotages them Also Lugh annoys the shit outa me but enough of that He s not worth my word count spaceBut there s one good thing about the ending The drama I can t wait to see what happens next Is Saba pregnant I hope she is I feel like she still has a chance with DeMalo But then again DeMalo is kinda confused loony They said he got headaches maybe someone s messing with his head making him rule the country a certain way putting their ideas into his head Either way I still don t see why she jumps at the chance to get with Jack I mean the heart stone don t lieIn the end I was just waiting for Saba to tell Jack that she might be pregnant was anybody else OMG SO MUCH DRAMA I CAN T WAITAlso I don t understand how she goes around kissing girls I mean that s a minor issue but still I never pictured her doing that What else This better not be a trilogy I just checked it s a trilogy I don t think that Maev s dead If she is I will remain uncaring I hope Jack gets a slap in the face when he realizes that Saba s having a baby I also hope that Saba has trouble choosing between DeMalo and Jack I hope if she has to choose she ll choose DeMalo I mean it s kind of his kid too and Jack can just screw himself He just CANNOT make up his mind and keeps playing with Saba whether he meant to do that or not He s like a much crappier version of Jace HerondaleOk I m done Give your ops I m out EDIT JAN 8 2013Last thing i m not sure of this but I think that Saba will be pregnant but then have a miscarriage I mean you mostly read about teens having a dark past by having a miscarriage but then it works out for them when they find the one because they now don t have a child with a different dad in their way Who knows either way Saba will choose Jack I mean you don t make the first book revolve around the guy just to have him go in the end No It doesn t make any sense Either someone dies or they get together I m hoping someone dies Much interesting endingUpdateFinally got around to reading it Jack is still a jackass and it was meh I give it 2 stars

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To fight DeMalo and try to stop New Eden Presumed dead he's gone undercover feeding Saba crucial information in secret meetings Saba hides her connection with DeMalo and commits herself to the fight Joined by her brother Lugh and her sister Emmi Saba leads a small guerilla band against the settlers and the Tonton militia But the odds are overwhelming Saba knows how to figh. AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING DESPERATE SETH DEMALO IF SABA DOESN T WANT TO JOIN YOU I M AVAILABLE I WILL GLADLY AND WILLINGLY FIGHT BY YOUR SIDE EVEN IF YOU TURN OUT TO BE A HEARTLESS BASTARDapparently I have a thing for creepy andor awkward fictional guys And DeMalo certainly fits that categoryJack please don t make me choose between you and DeMalo Because at this point I m pretty sure I will pick DeMaloAnd by the way I still hope you die Lugh 2014This is ridiculous There are just way too many terrible things that can happen from now until 2014 Why torture us like thisHere is what I think is gonna happen in this bookEITHER view spoiler Saba is pregnant with DeMalo s baby but he somehow ends up dying maybe Jack kills him after he finds out everything then Jack realizes he loves Saba so much that he can overlook the fact that the baby is Seth Demalo s and he will raise it as his own then everyone will live hapily ever after Except me because I love DeMalo hide spoiler

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    Ok i'ma rant right now I just finished Rebel Heart and i'm unsatisfied 1st How the hell is Saba just gonna leave

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    101713 It's an ok cover I really did prefer the original style of the first book though and wish they had kept u

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    SPOILER ALERT OKAY Just finished Rebel Heart Let's just say it's done a good job Now we all have to wait a year or two for the final book to come out What I hope will happen Saba doesn't get pregnant and Jack never knows of Saba's be

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    AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING DESPERATE SETH DEMALO IF SABA DOESN'T WANT TO JOIN YOU I'M AVAILABLE I WILL GLADLY AND WILLINGLY FIGHT BY YOUR SIDE EVEN IF YOU TURN OUT TO BE A HEARTLESS BASTARDapparently I have a thing for creepy andor awkward fictional guys And DeMalo certainly fits that categoryJack please don't make me choose

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    Mother Fucking Dustlands Every book I finish of this series I snap shut with the same reaction II have very mixed feelings on this series' endWhy is it I walk away from these books with nothing but positive recommendations yet as I read I skim drag and look ahead every sign of a bad book? I am not in the moment during these books I am anxiously waiting for them to get better These books have been an emotional struggle for me I love them in

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    I waited about a week to write this reviewmostly because I didn't think it deserved one I've seen some of the reviews other people have written and most of them are in the 4 5 star range To those people I can only say that I'm glad you didn't feel that you wasted your time reading this because I sure as hell didThis book is hands down the worst book I've read all year Granted it's only May but I will bet anyone who reads this review that

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    Alright Blood Red Road was definatly a promising book that got me hooked right away Rebel Heart like oh hot damnn But honestly I hated Lugh Is it bad to say I hope he dies in the third book Seriously the kid is a

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    Came on to Goodreads today to see when this book comes out because I thought it was soon My reaction when I saw I saw 2014Wh

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    I have to wait till May for this book???? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Mrs Young you are making me suffer