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Best ideas of modern psychology The result is a revolutionary reimagining of life’s difficulties and a liberating model of self care that optimizes our innate human ability to create meaning and seize opportunity in any circumstanc. I happened upon a book Rethinking Depression How to Shed Mental Health Labels and Create Personal Meaning by Eric Maisel Eric seems to believe there is no such thing as depression it s just a sad mood relabeled a disorder by the pharmaceutical companies and therapists And there is some reason to believe this claim Although when someone hangs himself in the basement I have to think that is a little than sad mood But the funny thing about this book or odd thing is on page 46 of a 212 page book he no longer talks about depression The rest of the book is Your Existential Plan which will show you how to create your existential life and therefore no longer be depressed So shouldn t the book have been named Your Existential Life How to rethink Depression Just saying when of the book is about something that is what the name should be Not a great book not very helpful but as with anything it did stir my interest and I began looking up Existentialism

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Rethinking Depression

In this provocative and path breaking distillation of a career spent working with individuals seeking help with mood and motivation Eric Maisel reveals the implications of one of the era’s most dramatic cultural shifts In recent deca. Depression runs in my family This information took years to learn there are still some deniers And I suppose Eric Maisel might be one of those were we acuainted His argument that depression is a man made diagnosis in support of big med pharma is cute but suspect Yes he can cite studies that agree with his argument but so can his opposition I m not going to take Maisel to task for his brush off of depression or his I m not brushing off sadness like those other people who tell you to just get over it defense I m not even going to bother wondering if Maisel thinks my dad killed himself because he was simply unhappy with his life or maybe because he was unable to craft some life statement you know because he barely got through elementary school but whatever because he didn t know my dadBut I will say that for a psychologist in a for profit book to characterize depression as a moneymaking scheme smells a bit bull shitty Dude is also making bank on his book that needs depression to contradictGood stuff Make your life mean what you want it to A maxim for the ages nothing new hereBad stuff I finished feeling like I had no tools just a 10 book of ramblingsIf you re looking for guidance for managing depression you d be better served with dare I say a human therapist who will provide the accountability and responsibility that depression often muddies At least that s in my version of depression

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Des much of the unhappiness inherent in the human condition has been monetized into the disease of depression and related disorders Maisel persuasively critiues this sickness model and prescribes a potent new approach that updates the. Losing labels finding meaningDepression or depression According to the author the widespread diagnosis of depression has resulted in the medicalization pathologization and amplification of the natural human condition of unhappiness He agrees with Allan Horwitz and Jermone Wakefield who asserted in The Loss of Sadness that Sadness is an inherent part of the human condition not a mental disorder Thus to confront psychiatry s invalid definition of depressive disorder is also to consider a painful but important part of our humanity that we have tended to shunt aside in the modern medicalization of human problems The author s prescription for depression or depression does not involve taking a pill but instead taking an existential approach to life s inherent sources of unhappiness In order to deal with those real problems I am suggesting an existential program is the best answer It is not that the problems do not exist But only an individual human being can answer them and only for yourselfThe existential program I ve described is my vision It is my subjective response to what I see as the demands posted on individuals by the facts of existence You may see life in a very different way and not share my vision If however you experience the thing called depression and feel like exploring an existential approach to climbing out of that hole give my program a try The word depression is a corruption of language and the society uses it the further it will push us all toward unhappiness Pathologizing unhappiness creates unhappiness Reject the very idea of depression and make meaning instead pp 210 212The heart and soul of this book is the author s existential program to create that meaning He explains that Even if you decide to take antidepressants or engage in psychotherapy to get help with your unhappiness you will still have to find ways of dealing with your meaning needs the shadows of your personality your consciousness of mortality and the facts of existence The existential program can help p 62This existential program starts with orienting your life around 3 key uestions for living authentically 1 What matters to me2 Are my thoughts aligned with what matters to me 3 Are my actions aligned with what matters to me Next are the 20 key elements of this plan which incorporate existential cognitive and behavioral steps for finding meaning despite and amidst the givens of existence pp 57 61 1 You look life in the eyeRemoving the protective blinders that human beings put in place to avoid noticing the many painful facts of existence including painful facts about personality shortfalls in doing so life as it is can finally be faced and accepted 2 You investigate meaningDeciding to understand what meaning means so that you can proceed to lead your life in ways that feel meaningful to you 3 You decide to matterRealizing that the universe is not built to care about you but that you must care about you 4 You accept your obligation to make meaningLetting go of the demoralizing wish that meaning rain down on you from on high and accept that the only meaning that exists is that meaning you make 5 You decide how to matterDeciding how to proceed in your obligation to matter Is there some step by step meaning making process available or is it much a speculative seat of the pants sort of thing Or maybe it revolves around honoring a single principle and if so can you name it 6 You honor your wants needs and valuesTaking a smart view of the human predicament and recognizing that while you want to honor the values you deem worthy life presents you with other purposes and pleasures too among them guilty ones 7 You create a life purpose vision Creating a life purpose vision and remembering it even when you are tired bothered distracted upset and otherwise not in the best frame of mind 8 You use your existential intelligenceReducing your experience of unhappiness by exploring your existential intelligence in the service of authenticity 9 You focus on meaning rather than moodFocusing on making meaning rather than on monitoring moods Ask yourself Where should I invest meaning next instead of How am I feeling 10 You snap out of tranceResisting entering into self protective states of haze and fog that we experience when we simply go through the motions 11 You reckon with the facts of existenceAccepting the facts of existence are exactly what they are They include pain and pleasure loyalty and betrayal life and death and your formed personality 12 You personalize a vocabulary of meaningSupporting your efforts at authentic living by adopting words and phrases that allow you to communicate with yourself intelligibly 13 You incant meaningMarrying the power of deep breathing with short phrases that support your intentions by creating breath and thought bundles called incantations that calm and center you 14 You maintain a morning meaning practiceStarting each day by creating an existential plan for that day by deciding where you intend to invest meaning and by identifying those parts of the day that you intend to hold as vacations from meaning 15 You negotiate each dayChoosing your meaning opportunities you repair meaning when it gets torn and you accept the tedious unrewarding difficult bits with practiced maturity Each day is a project reuiring existential engineering skills as you bridge your way from one meaningful experience to the next 16 You seize meaning opportunitiesEngaging in meaning opportunities by seeking activities that involve love creativity service self actualization and achievement17 You handle meaning crisesHandling meaning crises by deciding on the several options available to you including getting a grip and making the best of it initiating changes that alter and improve the situation and investing in new meaning opportunities to restore meaning 18 You engage in existential self careAccepting the realities of life and asserting that you are the sole arbiter of the meaning in your life Life is exactly as it is and you are obliged to keep your head up and make yourself proud 19 You engage in cognitive self careReducing sadness by talking to yourself in ways that support your intentions so that your thoughts provide hope defuse doubts and settle arguments with life What we think is how we feel and it is up to us to get a good grip on what we think 20 You engage in behavioral self careDoing real things You do not always have to do something out in the world in order to make meaning or to feel less sad sometimes the answer lies in simply adjusting your attitude or reframing the situation Although I do have mixed reactions to the idea that depression is just an idea I m a therapist I love the author s existential approach for dealing with life s inherent sources of unhappiness I m an existentialist Whether depression exists or not the givens of existence certainly do And this book presents a wonderful prescription for navigating those givens to ultimately experience a meaningful and authentic life

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    I am not in a position to assess Maisel's contentions about depression The way the book is presented is probably uite misleading The impression created is that it is a self help book for the depressed In factit is a book about the

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    Depression runs in my family This information took years to learn; there are still some deniers And I suppose Eric Maisel might be on

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    Ok I tried I gave this book a chance This man has clearly never been depressed in his life and gives the impression that those who feel this way fall under a blanket of symptomsIf you feel depressed address it immediately with you doctor or contact your local crisis line The list that he has in this book of symptoms that

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    Losing labels finding meaningDepression or “depression”? According to the author the widespread diagnosis of depression has resulted in the medicalization pathologization and amplification of the natural human condition of unhappiness He

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    This book was like a miracle to me Since reading it I've learned new ways to cope with depression to the successful point where I've been off all meds for months I can appreciate that for some people it hasn't been helpful to take a long honest look at how they make meaning in their lives But for me it was absolutely what I needed The only thing that bothered me in the book was his soapbox lecture reiterated too many times abou

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    As someone who has suffered depression I appreciated the approach and understanding of this book While it's a bit venomous toward the industry of big medicine and pharmacology at first the book hits its stride when it comes to grips with its existential approach and humanistic psychology I found it really worthwhile and interesting

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    I happened upon a book Rethinking Depression How to Shed Mental Health Labels and Create Personal Meaning by Eric Maisel Eric seems to believe there is no such thing as depression it’s just a sad mood relabeled a disorder by the pharmaceutical companies and therapists And there is some reason to believe this claim Although when

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    This book is not worth the paper it's printed on

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    Anyone who's struggled with depression should read this book and take heart from the existential formulations therein Depression isn't easy life can be hard and there's a lot to knock us around but by changing how we think of our emotions and our down days we can empower ourselves and start forming a new way of doing things On a personal lev

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    Please don't read this book while you're depressedI have a lot of criticism of the first part of this book Part One Rethinking Depression is just three chapters 45 pages and not worth your time in my opinion I i