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She never wanted a reconciliationSix years ago Catlin Loring had stumbled on her husband in bed with another woman Shattered she'd fled New Zealand and begun a new life i. My god what a Horrible bookthis is the first ever book that i have read n cursed myself for reading itcursed myself cause i have a bad habit that what i ever i start reading i have to read till the end no matter how bad the book may be so think how i made through the bookThis is another one of those stories where you have a violent heroalpha male with a very young heroine I was going to say imature but she s only 17 so she isn t supposed to be mature Apparently the Hero was attracted to the Heroine when they married but they had to get married because her father was dieing and wanted her settled he d just lost his wife whom he loved Hero was rich and partied with high society his mother lived with him to help him look after his 2yr daughter He took is wife home to his hostile mother who was still mourning the hero s wife she was also her goddaughter This Hero gave her no support he took her to these parties and let her flounder not only that he started an affair in front of her nose with everyone talking about it the humiliation was just too much when she went to see him at their beach house and found him in bed with his mistressgirlfriend She confronts him and he rapes her she flees him for 6 years She comes back because he wants to see her and she wants the money held in trust for her from her father Now there s no money and the hero has really been supporting her So much for her self esteem that she d done everything on her own which is very important to a rape survivor you take that away and the walls crumble Anyway he s asked her to come back now we are supposed to believe that he loves her etc etc but how can we believe that when just before she comes back he starts another affair you would think after the last time together that he would have finished all his affairs etc before he wrote her to come back so she didn t have to face them in their social group or have nasty women play dirty tricks to put them together to humiliate her you would think that if he loved her he would go out of his way not to humiliate her again But no he lets her flounder again only she is tougher stronger this time This male is no hero he s a violent jerk to threatens her all the time What is it with these stories with older males and young females and they use violence to keep them tied to them they mistreat them and hold them still in their lives but far enough away so that they can continue in their lives bedding everyone and sundry and when they think it s time to settle in their lives they call back the young still chaste female to carry on their lives and guess what it happens we are expected to believe that the hero can do whatever he pleases and heroine will walk straight back and forgive and forget the past That s a favourite with authors the Heroine said it s okay it s in the past like it s okay for the infidelity and the humiliation and the rape lets forget that your the type of man who does that the author in the end even has the heroine saying that it wasn t really rape This hero needs to be in jail and this heroine needs therapy away from him Rape and violence is not okay it should not be accepted The only person this Conal loves is himselfCiatlin needs a good life of her own Oh this is the kicker the supposed Conal takes her back to the beach house to tell Ciatlin he loves her now this is the house that she saw Conal and his mistess on the bed together Is this guy a jerk or what he really doesn t care about her feelings Please don t read it s really not they way love isTruthfully this is the worst romance book I ve ever readDo Not Recommend it


Return To Yesterday

N AustraliaNow forced to return to Conal for a favor she was surprised to discover he wanted her back All's fair in love and war he said This is both I'll use any trick I. Wow I didn t think Robyn Donald could pull off a cheating hero who cheats and rapes but she did here I won t go into the plot summary because Katie V did a great job in her review but here s the basic scenario Heroine 17 was in a marriage of convenience unbeknownst to her and discovered the hero having sex with another woman When she confronts him he forces himself on her They both call this rape and we don t see it in real time or in a detailed flashback She runs away goes to university and generally grows up The story opens when the heroine reuests money from her trust fund and the hero says that she will have to see him in person for him to release the fundsSo how did Robyn Donald write her way to a HEA with that setup1 The heroine really has grown up and we re shown this in several scenes where the heroine puts potential OWs in their place 2 The hero owns up to the rape immediately and admits that he never should have forced himself on her But then he undermines it by insisting she enjoyed everything leading to the painful penetration3 The hero s subseuent cheating was a rare b only while they were physically apart And the hero was brutally honest about his cheating We get the whys and wherefores he was imagining the OW as the heroine for instance It doesn t make him look good but that sort of candor is necessary if you re going to ever trust him4 The heroine doesn t fall into bed with him until they have hashed out everything the rape the cheating his mother s interference the lack of money in the trust fund her relationship with the stepdaughter the sexual desire they have for each other Their conversations might end with the hero sneering and the heroine uivering and not being able to sleep but they do talk and they do come to understand each other better5 The heroine only decides to forgive and let go of the past after they have had a lot of conversations and she sees a fatal car crash on the highway That is believable to me Life might not seem short when you re 23 until you see a life snuffed out in an instant6 The hero doesn t let up in his pursuit of her He s very serious about a reconciliation Sometimes it s damaging to the heroine and other times it just what she needs to move forward7 There s a lot of forward motion in their scenes together which I found refreshing For instance the rape is revisited a few times and the language changes and the heroine s version softens Whether that s good or bad in psychological terms I don t know but it does sell her forgiveness to me the reader And we actually get to see the OWs than once They heroine s reaction toward then the second time is much nuanced and mature She s over worrying about these women8 The stepdaughter actually added a lot to the story The heroine couldn t act like a tragic figure around her and the hero couldn t put the heavy seduction moves on while she was present That constraint sold me on seeing them as a family with a future rather than as hyper emotional HP characters who could never exist outside the pages of a bookSo she did it I do believe in the HEA I think this would have been a solid five stars but I found the heroine s insistence on lying about her sexual past off putting especially when the hero was being honest The hero was a neanderthal when it came to sexual needs but hey this is an HP

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Can to get you into my bedBut she was determined not to surrender her heart to a man however persuasive and irresistible who would never be satisfied with merely one wom. When I started reading this book I thought the hero was a jackass and by the the time I finished yeah he was still a jackass

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    My god what a Horrible bookthis is the first ever book that i have read n cursed myself for reading itcursed myself cause i have a bad habit tha

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    I like this because this is one of the earliest example's in HPlandia of how to make a cheating H workNo one likes infidelity and there is a distinct preference not to have that in a romance Yet well done infidelity can take an average book from okay to best thing ever and really provide that happy warm glow and HEA believability

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    Pretty conflicted on this one It had some disturbing elements no doubt And there were a few uotes from the hero that were hideously 'OMFG you did not just say that' Which not gonna lie I sometimes enjoy just for the sheer sh

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    I just can't evenNoPlease don't give me a reason why this book is good or acceptable Because it's notHe cheats that there is unacceptable and unforgivable and then he rapes her to punish her for HIS shortcomingsOnce again NOTo make her fall in love with a cheater and rapist is not just sickening it's insulting to my better senses You just don't do itIN NO UNIVERSE should that be acceptable and i don't care if he wants her now No

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    Catlin wants to buy a bookshop but the only way she can get the funds released from her inheritance is go home to Auckland and face Conal the husband she hasn’t seen for than 6 years It’s going to be brutalCatlin was 17 when she married Conal shortly after her father’s death left her an orphan with a farm and no one else to turn to He took her to the city where his mother pointed out that Catlin in no

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    Wow I didn't think Robyn Donald could pull off a cheating hero who cheats and rapes but she did here I won't go into the plot summary because Katie V did a great job in her review but here's the basic scenario Heroine 17 was in a marriage of

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    What can I say I love books where the hero is faithful after he messed up big time In this book they also deal with marital rape and they don't gloss over it like it never happens and she is total devastated by what he did and he recognizes how it effected her and it destroys him They have some power struggles but mostly he was very guilty ridden man who wanted to help a girl he had the hots for and did not know how to deal with

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    25 stars Here’s my problem with this book and a lot of Harleys with this theme I hate it when the author start telling the story of reunited couples after all of the angst is over They always start when the couple meet up again and

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    When I started reading this book I thought the hero was a jackass and by the the time I finished yeah he was still a jackass

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    “Rage mixed with terror whitened her face‘I’m not going to hurt you’ he said with soft emphasis speaking soothingly like a man trying to calm a panic stricken animal ‘It’s all right Cat You have to get over this Don’t you see w