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Of Diwali the Hindu Festival of Lights How will it compare to Guy Fawkes Night and will there be the usual cha.

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Sari Sleepover

Join the Sleepover Club Frankie Kenny Felicity Rosie and Lyndsey five girls who want to have fun but who alway.

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S end up in mischief When feisty Asha from India comes to school the Sleepover Club get excited about the fun.

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    'The Sleepover Club' series is what made me love reading I got given a few when I was about 8 or 9 years old and very uickly got hooked reading the whole series This meant that I was hooked on reading in general and began widening my horizon in terms of authorgenre etc and I haven't stopped since Therefore for me the series educated me to an invaluable level and was the origin of my thirst for reading writing