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Secrets of a Creativity Coach

Ogram Eric Maisel's book provides an honest portrayal of the joys and rigors of coaching the creative spirit He zeroes in on core issues with admirable precision and provides students of the creative process and artists alike with a useful road map through the twists and bends of creative work Dr Louisa Foster founder The Center Creative Arts Therapy Mindful Living Psychotherapy When I read Coaching the Artist Within I felt like Eric Maisel had reached inside me with his wisdom.

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Eric Maisel is one of the most elegant creativity coaches on the planet The beauty and simplicity of his work are clearly illustrated throughout Secrets of a Creativity Coach in which he shares real life examples of his work with various clients He exemplifies the delicate mastery of an Aikido Black Belt and allows even the novice coach to see how effortless it can be to empower people to fulfill their desire to create Dr Rosie Kuhn Founder Transformational Coaching Training Pr.

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And guidance With his new book Secrets of a Creativity Coach I'm bowled over by the power of his work It's thrilling to read these expert interactions with clients and to see my reflection in the their artistic struggles I've learned so much about coaching by reading Eric's simple and heartfelt responses It's like riding shotgun with a master Reading this book I feel encouraged to be better in everything I do Steve Harper TV writer playwright actor and founder Your Creative Li.

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    My only issue with this book was that the scenarios presented didn’t go the distance Each case was fascinating and I was very interested in seeing how they were resolved But instead we only got the first two rounds of communication between coach and client Nonetheless I found this to be a valuable and illuminating read and the section for c

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    I just finished Secrets of a Creativity Coach and am pleasantly surprised I chose to read this book as I am just launching a life coaching business I live in an area full of creative types and I am a creative typeI purchased the book based on a uick internet search on creativity coaching I was not aware of form

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