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A healthy tension has always existed between the True North and the Home of the Brave In Size Matters 40 Reasons Why Americans Love to Hate Canadians journalist Erik Heinrich hilariously explores the flip side of this complicated rivalry between a pair of scrappy siblings From measuring up to owning the nicer half of the Niagara Fa.

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Size Matters

He next best thing to having your very own Pope• Canada's second language is French way sexier and cooler than Spanish Plus it's official• Canada owns the nicer half of Niagara Falls Sorry about that• Canadians rule Hollywood William Shatner James Cameron Jim Carrey Mike Myers Brendan Fraser Keanu Reeves Neve Campbell Come on.

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Lls and the superiority of the metric system Size Matters is filled with punchy facts amusing trivia observational humor and a healthy dose of satire that erases any doubt Canadians are better than Americans Here are a few examples• Canada invented basketball Yup it's true• Canada has a ueen Not Latifah but the real deal It's t.