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'Happy fifty third birthday Doctor Welcome to the first day of your death You ruined my life And now I fully intend to ruin yours'You have exactly one fortnight starting tomorrow morning at 6 am to discover who I am When you succeed you must purchase one of those tiny ads at the bottom of the New York Times front page and print my name there'If you do not I scanned read through all the book It s supposed to be a thriller but doesn t have any kind of thrill The author was concentrated falling in love with the main character rather than focusing on creating a good thriller plot It s this kinda of best seller that if you don t read them you save time And what s up with his thousands of analogies and literature uotations that just don t fit I felt like the author just wanted to show that he knew stuff A total mess could have been a great thriller because the story is not bad It s sad that this kind of books are the ones read by the majority

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D a uiet and so he believes blameless life He has no idea why he's being judged by this unknown tormentor a former patient who then lethally begins to demonstrate the potential of his or her threats As the layers of Starks's carefully constructed life are stripped from him he uickly finds himself a powerless pawn in a psychopath's devious game of vengeance Complex thrilling especially in the second part A bit predictable at the end but a lovely reading if you like the genre Very vivid though with a lot of introspection I would definitely watch an adaptation of it What is interesting initially you don t like the victim at all At all D But enough with the details go and read it

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Succeed then you will take note that the second sheet of this letter contains the names of fifty two of your relatives If you are unable to purchase the ad as described then you will have this choice kill yourself immediately or I will destroy one of these innocent people'Until the moment he opens the letter New York psychologist Dr Frederick Starks has le Ladies and gentlemen after writing the review of Dorothy Dunett sGame of Kings penetrated a negative dynamic of readings Dunett s book was followed by that of John Katzenbach Actually this book I took out of the attic last year but I didn t get a chance to read it because the heathen knew a truth that Cronus was a relentless deity and it was upon me The plot of the book seemed very interesting and I was very familiar with Katzenbach because I saw several adaptations of his novels on my home TV I meanJust Cause a very politically incorrect novel about the death penalty and racism at least the film had a particularity which is that it doesn t matter the race or sex of a person This one can always be bad There is no beneficial genre and another evil genre as advocated by certain ideologies and certain lobbyists nor a better race than the others White supremacism has been abandoned to reach a crossroads just as wrong as Edward Said s who blames the white male for all the evils of mankind Katzenbach s novel had the courage to debunk those demagogue groupers which Tom Wolfe also satirized also has a certain touch of theCape of Fear that served as a backdrop for two interesting film adaptations directed by J L Thompson and Martin Scorsese and starring Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum and in the Scorsese version starred Nick Nolte Robert de Niro and Juliette Lewis playing lolita His second novel I had the pleasure of seeing I also really likedThe War of Hart where a soldier played by Colin Farrell was to defend a prisoner from a concentration camp accused of killing another played by the ever solvent Linus Roache who was the snitch of the Nazis the Polonium Chesty would have called him the rat and apart from that the film witnessed the confrontation between the Nazi camp general and the intrepid prisoner chief played by Bruce Willis I also liked to have a touch to the a wonderful traitor in Hell by Billy Wilder and who allowed him in a well deserved way to win the only Oscar of his career to William Holden So this first novel I was going to read to John Katzenbach was going to read it with great anticipation But as my grandmother said by paternal line I don t want to see my children with happy beginnings and that has been the flaw in John Katzenbach s novel It started very well in fact the proposal reminded me of Calvary both have something in common a priest in this case a psychiatrist Starks who have made a mistake with a patient In the case of Calvary a parishioner who has been abused by a priest and who takes it with poor Brendan Glesson which the only thing he has in common with the sexual aggressor is that he is also a priest This novel in which the villain adopts an alias in this case that of the cruel Rumpelstiltskin There s something my sister tells me about this Most German romantics apart from moralists had a virtue were religious and their tales had a moral tone and they adopted that language to teach truths to children although it is usually adults who read these stories I don t know if Katzenbach will know this though it is possible that he does when a man loses his reflection or his shadow is actually losing his soul What is Rumpelstiltskin really It s the devil It was a way of representing the demon and I believe this character with a purpose Preventing children from engaging in witchcraft or making pacts with the demon because Faust s shadow was rooted in the Teutonic country So it doesn t seem far fetched to me that Katzenbach gave his psychopath Rumpelstiltskin s nickname and his henchmen Merlin s or Virgil The first part seemed good or very good if Katzenbach had finished it like this i would certainly have given it three or maybe four stars though I think it was a lot The first part shows how a person s life can be destroyed With how easily man thinks he s at the top and he thinks he s untouchable That s what happens to Starks widower who has a hard time assimilating with whom he s playing it This cat and mouse game reminds me a lot of the one played by Simon GruberJeremy Irons with John MacLaneBruce Willis I am very skeptical about the subject of psychiatry but Hollywood does believe in it so in this case the psychiatrist totally hits despite the McGuffin of Fort Knox I must admit that I liked the four but The Jungle of Crystal 3 revenge fits into Mr Katzenbach s novel The game Rumpelstiltskin and Starks play in is brutal and unalled Stripping him of everything ruins his reputation attacks his loved ones takes away his money What happens to Starks could happen to any of us So you have to take the lead a drastic measure The problem is that the second part is where I have suffered the greatest disappointment It s not just that I liked it less The problem is I didn t believe her I see it easier for a psychopath to emerge and sink you that a person like the phoenix can rise from the ashes Starting from scratch is very difficult and very complicated Besides everything that happens becomes strange and surreal The worst thing that can happen in a novel is that you don t believe in it and that s what happened to me with the second part of the Psychoanalyst Moreover a tremendous chasm of Katzenbach has been found and it is the chasm that exists between Europe and the United States He considered a lot of things in Europe Among them is the fascination which Europe seems to have for self destruction and accepting ideologies and philosophical postulates destructive than the previous ones Proof of the decline in which we live apart from the demographic winter and the ageing population by following those policies and those sobiding intellectuals which I reject It is the raking secularism and the forms of intellectualism and atheism that afflict us However there is one thing that if I believe that Europe is right and the United States is not It is that I cannot approve of Ricky Starks behavior that he seems to return as a kind of modern Count of Monte Cristo despite the advice of the Abat of Faria trying to dissuade Edmond Dantes before from his desires for vengeance It is true that I may not have reached some rejectable extremes but in my opinion there are worse things than death and I think in part the evil triad has won because it has succeeding in paraphrasing Nietszche I apologise to Peter Marbury becomes a monster just like the enemies he faces I don t agree that the end Starks gives to his enemies is the fairest I said one thing Everyone knows that Alejandro Dumas wrote The Count of Monte Cristo but it is uite possible that people do not know that he wrote a second part called The Hand of the Dead curiously edited by a Catholic publishing house in my country From what I see in Goodreads maybe not so popular But it may be because he tells us the conseuences of revenge The problem with revenge is that it has no end with every act of retaliation the hatred increases and conflicts last for generations or centuries That is why I am with GK Chesterton we recommend the case of the arrow of heaven in the Incredulityof Father Brown that one must trust in the laws to despite his mistakes that in revenge Precisely the suppression of the Faidhe was the great achievement of the late Middle Ages and the one that allowed the kings to move to the Modern Age and build the modern states today Interestingly this reminiscent of the law of thaion and of the eye for an eye is one of the conseuences of the Reformation In this case of Calvinism So such behavior of Starks must be rejected This brilliant reflection was made by the writer Miyuki Miyabe in her novel Crossfire that is the denunciation made by the author of a vigilante who in the end crosses the boundaries and is becomes a murderer just like the killers she kills another example of this is the film Exemplary Citizen with Gerard Butler and Jaimie Foxx as we talk about the Crystal Jungle 3 A Revenge the end that is He was scheduled to do to Simon Gruber instead of going in the helicopter with Zeus CarverSamuel L Jackson Partly because of our individualism we feel a fascination because the character falls and move to the dark side I must give the only fool but it seems to me a very petty and impoverishing enjoymentI don t think it s right to imitate the examples of Hamlet Charles Bronson or Liam Nesson I believe that this unethical behavior of Starks is going to have conseuences and it seems to give me the reason John Katzenbach since he has written a seuel to this novel It s not the only novel this summer to have incurred this ruling PN Elrod made the same mistake in his 1930s vampiric saga d Anyway if I must admit that the second part of the novel is much worse hence this rating I hope John Katzenbach has luck with my ratings in the future My next review should be Drive by James Sallis

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    Reading this took me back to the days of my youth Perhaps you remember those days The early days of marriage young children shaky foundations isolated locations a love of reading but limited choices Whatever you paint the picture I r

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    Reseña en español de El psicoanalista en el blog Click auíThis was the first Katzenbach book I read and it was really good I never heard of this author prior reading this novel but it was a birthday present and the premise looked really interesting a psychopath who calls himself Rumpelstiltskin threats doctor Frederick Starks saying that he has to figure out his identity in 15 days or he will kill somebod

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    I scanned read through all the book It's supposed to be a thriller but doesn't have any kind of thrill The author was concentrated falling in love with the main character rather than focusing on creating a good thriller plot It's this kinda of best seller that if you don't read them you save time And what's up with his thousands of analogies and literature uotations that just don't fit I felt like the author

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    Why the hell did I read this again No clue Wait now I remember for the same reason anyone else did I was at an airport and wanted to read something less tiresome than the usual newspapers and magazines Before I finished the first sentence I expected to leave this novel behind on the plane with the plastic headphones and Sky Mall catalog never to be seen again Yet Katzenbach won me over and I found myself not only enjoying the s

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    Ladies and gentlemen after writing the review of Dorothy Dunett'sGame of Kings penetrated a negative dynamic of re

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    This book was one of the most interesting reads I've had the pleasure to experience The plot details scenery descriptions characters surroundin

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    The Analyst ExJohn KatzenbachNew York City psychoanalyst Frederick Ricky Starks receives an anonymous missive saying that Starks has ruined the writer's life and that he has ten days in which to discover his or her identity If he fails he must commit suicide; if he does not comply with this order someone in his family will suffer or die At first Ricky is disoriented and unable to function effectively but he soon begins to take action Usin

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    Complex thrilling especially in the second part A bit predictable at the end but a lovely reading if you like the genre Ve

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    What the therapy brings at its best is a new way of looking at who one is and allowing that new definition of one's life to influence the decisions and choices that come with the future At best then those moments are not crippled by the events of the past and the selections made are oddly relieved of the debts everyone owes to their own up

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    This book was okay Unfortunately there were a few stereotypes that didn't sit well with me; and I was completely irritate