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Bert Wilkins the Brixton wide boy born of the famous 80s riots Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python's Four Yorkshiremen get stuck in a spiral of one downmanship Steve Coogan introduces his chain smoking alter ego Paul Calf not to be confused with Pauline Calf Pete and Dud send up British reserve and push each other to the lim. Become a Creativity Coach Now! push each other to the lim.

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The Best British Stand Up and Comedy Routines

Its of comic invention in The Psychiatrist Jo Brand the ueen of British stand up on the attractions of her birthplace Hastings Peter Cook and Rowan Atkinson give their prophetic comedic best in The End of the World Bill Hicks the late American comedy supreme asks another of his penetrating uestions in What is Pornography.

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With an introduction to each artist transcripts and audio of the routines and special added extra material bring you the following Rory Bremner the best impressionist in the world does Prince Charles Monty Python's unmatched Dead Parrot Eddie Izzard's bizarre world reaches its height in Cats and Dogs Lenny Henry does Del.

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    This contains select comedy monologue scripts on various episodes topics real and imaginaryof interest mainly to the British The setting is also markedly related to the British media persons and projects

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