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UessThis is the thing Love just isn’t for me I’m fine with my fucking I’m never going to fall in love EVER I’m not going to let Chris Kavanagh wear me down nor give Blake Nelson the satisfaction of seeing that I want him I don’t have to explain myself or change myself for anyoneBlake Nelson is just THE BOY IN THE BAND My day job I’m not going to let him turn my world upside down with those lethal eyes the ‘fuck me’ voice or his devastating smileYou know what they say about best laid plans So aren’t you just a little bit intrigued like me to see how all this plays out. Now where is the book can t wait

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The Boy in the Band The Boy in the Band #1

All the time Why Well he may be to die for but he hates me and I hate him right back He thinks I destroyed his best friend The ghosts of our pasts are such vicious things They don’t stop me from wanting him though Wanting boys like him is in my bloodChris Kavanagh – my long term fuck buddy Lead singer of Vertigo the band who just cleaned up at The Brits Chris Kavanagh playboy of the rock world who just got voted sixth sexiest man on the planet Chris Kavanagh who told me that love was for suckers Well hell it seems he only went and got suckered himself By who I’ll give you one g. When is this coming out Can t wait for this book

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This book is intended for a mature audience 18 It contains strong language sex and references to drug useLet me introduce usSylvie Smith – that’s me Head AR girl at Artemis Records Girl about town with a thing for boys in bands I have the perfect job – if you like to fuck up and coming rock stars which I do probably often than I should I have a crazy beautiful life and it’s than a little complicated right nowBlake Nelson – my current nemesis Frontman for The Flood the band I’m in the process of getting signed The guy I’m obsessively thinking about NOT fucking pretty much. What the heck is going on with this book Release date

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    The dragging out of the release of this book reminds me of that Christina Perri song Because that's how long it feels like it has lasted sings FOR A THOOOOOUSAND YEARS

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    What the heck is going on with this book? Release date?

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    Summer's over So where the f is this book?? Dying here

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    I read the novella preuel a few weeks ago why is this book taking so long to come out It would have been better to put both books out back to

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    When is this coming out? Can't wait for this book

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    09122015If this book is taking this long to come out Can you imagine the wait for the other books in the series

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    Btw Yes I'm still here and waiting even when we all know I shouldn't But I never see slutty female characters n

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    Now where is the book? can't wait

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    Summer 2014

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