The Crowdfunding Handbook [Pdf or kindle] by Cliff Ennico

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    Excellent review of euity crowdfunding This is not about your standard Kickstarter type reward crowdfunding but rather the new euity crowdfunding This is a much complex process and any business owner who is considering crowdfunding should read this The author does not sugar coat things

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    In depth book on crowdfundingI found the crowdfunding from a lawyer’s point of view super enlightening that there are just as many pitfalls to crowdfunding as a public company Crowdfunding is essentially a microIPO Though I do feel he comes of as conservative in terms of crowdfunding I found a lot of his specific advice on launching a campaign uite useful Highly recommended read if you are doing a crowdfunding campaign

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    Great overview for a US based start up looking to raise funds via crowdfunding It is uite detailed at times havin

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Characters î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Cliff Ennico

Pert Cliff Ennico explains the JOBS Act and translates the new SEC regulations into a clear set of do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to get in early and do things right Need help pricing your securities Pitching a project to the public Choosing between funding platforms Figuring out disclosure documents and reporting reuirements

Free read The Crowdfunding Handbook

The Crowdfunding Handbook

Ever wish your company could raise capital the KickstarterR way Euity crowdfunding is finally here opening new funding avenues for small businesses and start ups The JOBS Act empowers privately owned companies to raise capital from investors without going through the rigorous IPO and private placement processes In The Crowdfunding Handbook small business and legal ex

Characters î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Cliff Ennico

This book delivers targeted answers whether crowdfunding is your best bet picking the right legal entity selecting types of securities to offer reaching the most promising investors keeping crowds under control and IPOs are expensive and venture capital nearly impossible to attract Crowdfunding is changing the game for private companies and this book will lead the wa