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The Cultures of the West Volume 1

The Cultures of the West A History focuses on the ways in which the major ideas and passions of Western.

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Evelopment of such key ideas as religion science and philosophy form the central narrative of this book. Seasons of Change the central narrative of Wounded this book.

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Culture developed internally and how they interacted with the broader world for good and for ill The d.

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    I used this as a textbook for an online accelerated course on the origins of western civ first half It's not a perfect textbook but I was pretty happy with it overall Backman is a good writer and there's a light conversational tone that's rare in textbooks I also very much appreciated his decision to view the west as the broader Mediterranean region rather than just western Europe There's uite a bit in here about the Islamic worl

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    This book includes a companion volume Sources for Cultures of the West Volume 1 To 1750 which is reviewed elsewhereThe writing is superb which is an incredible thing to say about a textbook It's often entertaining with humorous asides and lots of narrative detail The descriptions of events are vivid and engaging When he gets bogged

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