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R anyone in a decision making capacity William P Weidner President Las Vegas Sands corporation A very timely book reminding us of some important issues Every reader will recognize people that they know David Baffsky Chairman Accor Asia Pacific The Little Book of Big Decisions provides a Wonderful Collection of Valuable Wisdom and Practical skills about decision making It's a must read for mangers at all levels and a handy one that should be revisited periodically Diana Chen Chairperson CEO Taipei Financial Center Corporati.

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The Little Book of Big Decisions

Praise for The Little Book of Big Decisions Boscoe Pertwee famously said I used to think I was indecisive but now I'm not so sure He obviously hadn't read Peter Barge's Succinct and insightful primer gut you should Sir Derek Higgs Chairman Partnerships UK Plc Wisdom is not in length but in depth Peter Barge's book will remain a goldmine of wisdom carefully sourced and packaged for all leaders who want to move from inspiration to action Only an artist in leadership could achieve this Henri Claude de Betonies The AVIVA Chair.

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Ed Professor of Leadership and Responsibility INSEAD Great decisions stem from the power to make them The power of decision making made simple by Peter Through his studies of various inspirational examples This fantastic little book is a practical must have for all Kwek Leng Beng Executive chairman City Developments Limited Peter Barge brings his uniue myriad of practical experiences to bear to clarify the decision making process His valuable insights and wealth of experience put the process suarely in focus A must read fo.

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    Inot eventshave the power to make me happy or unhappy today I can choose which it shall be Yesterday is dead tomorrow hasn't arrive

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    As Benjamin Franklin famously said I cannot teach you what to decide I can only teach you HOW to decide this book precisely does that

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    Perbedaan antara Manusia dengna makhluk2 lainnya adalah 'kita mempunyai kekuatan untuk memilih'People always have